101 Winning Basketball Concepts & Strategies: A Coach's Guide for Players and Coaches

101 Winning Basketball Concepts & Strategies: A Coach's Guide for Players and Coaches
Item# BB442

Book Summary

By Mike McDonnell
128 pages
Plus a 16-page full-color photo insert
6 x 9 inches
Published October 2023
ISBN 978-1-953058-89-8
Coaching / Basketball

“Keep Coach Mike McDonnell’s book on your bedside table or an arm’s length from your desk. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and made several notes. It’s a terrific compilation of ideas and tips that you will find yourself referencing time and time again.”

“Coach Mike McDonnell’s first book shares a lifetime of teaching basketball with a laser focus on 101 habits of winning basketball. I highly recommend this book to all players, coaches, and parents.”

“This tremendous book, 101 Winning Basketball Concepts & Strategies, follows a true journey in what teaching is all about. Experience has [been] and will always be the greatest teacher. Coach applies a career of teaching the game of basketball based on proper fundamentals. There is a right way and a wrong way to play the game we love so much! He teaches the winning way!”

“Coach Mike McDonnell has come up with a serious instrument to elevate your game, whether referencing coaches or players. I thoroughly enjoyed 101 Winning Basketball Concepts & Strategies because it was born out of sweat, tears, and years. Each segment brings forth ideas experimented with and honed with a career spanning over 40 seasons. The anecdotes make the concepts and strategies crystal clear and enjoyable to read. Coach McDonnell is right when he says that the more a coach can say “always” or “never,” the greater the clarity. No matter where you are in your career, this is a great read. Congrats Coach!”

“A different way to focus on the fundamentals of the game will open terrific avenues for player improvement, and this book provides that.”

“Coach Mike McDonnell’s 101 Winning Basketball Concepts & Strategies is an amazing collection of simple, easy-to-understand ideas, tidbits, and stories from the 40-year career of one of New York’s elite coaches. This enjoyable book includes fascinating insight into the teaching of the game for all levels, and details real experiences that cemented his methods. McDonnell’s work is a must read for any aspiring coach who wants to master their craft!

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