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101 Winning Basketball Concepts & Strategies: A Coach's Guide for Players and Coaches
Coach Mike McDonnell’s first book shares a lifetime of teaching basketball, focused on the proper fundamentals and 101 habits of winning basketball games. It is a terrific compilation of ideas and tips that coaches (and players too) will find themselves referencing time and time again.
22 Feet: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Soccer Story
The incredible true story of the 1992 Davidson College men's soccer team: a brotherhood of young men, a dynamic coach, and an unforgettable season filled with triumph and heartache. The team from a small, liberal arts college in North Carolina showed the world that 22 feet, acting as one team, can accomplish anything.
65 YEARS: making. moving. art.
In 2017, Louisville Ballet celebrates its 65th Anniversary. Follow the history of the fourth-oldest professional ballet company in the United States, as told through hundreds of photographs and engaging narrative.
Actors Theatre of Louisville: Fifty Years
This beautiful keepsake volume tells the story of Actors Theatre, from its humble beginnings in a rough and tumble loft space on Fourth Street to its growth into one of the most important regional theatre companies in America today. Celebrating 50 years of creative accomplishments, this limited-edition book offers a graphic timeline packed with colorful anecdotes of the people who lived it and the community that embraced it, and is punctuated by hundreds of photographs of the most fascinating and memorable aspects of Actors Theatre's history — the productions themselves.
The Adventures of Sid, a Cirpal
Sid, a Cirpal, wakes up with a headache and realizes he’s lost his lunch box. He searches everywhere for it. When he finds it, he learns why he had a headache!
All Aboard! The Belle of Louisville
Bring your children along for a fun and lively ride on The Belle of Louisville, a steamboat that dates back to the industrial age, a time when steamboats were the rulers of transportation and the fastest roads were rivers.
All Those Years Ago: Fifty Years Later, Beatles Fans Still Remember
This nostalgic book collects a variety of stories, interviews, and photographs from September 3, 1964, the day the Beatles performed to over 30,000 fans at two shows during the Indiana State Fair. Will surely evoke fond memories in those who will never forget that memorable visit over 50 years ago.
America: The Founders' Vision
What did our country's Founders really say — about liberty, democracy, the role of states, the military, equal protection under the law, First Amendment rights, and more? Read their original words from the Federalist Papers, the National Archives, various presidential libraries, and other sources.
America's Forgotten Founders
Surveying the top scholars in the fields of history, political science and law, Gary L. Gregg and Mark David Hall have composed the first-ever ranking of the most important and most forgotten contributors to the American Revolution and the creation of the constitutional order that has made America what it is today. Inside you'll find engaging short biographies of the top ten members of the founding generation who are often overlooked but deserve to be remembered.
And Then the End Will Come: The Completion of the Great Commission and Nine Other Clues That Jesus Is Coming Soon
Douglas Cobb, founder of the Finishing Fund, provides a front-line account of the effort to finish Jesus' Great Commission in our lifetimes. He also explores nine other Biblical clues that Jesus is coming soon, and offers practical instruction about what it means to "live holy and godly lives" as we look for the coming of our Lord and King.
And They Said It Couldn't Be Done: Transforming a School District into a Learning Organization
This inspiring and informative book reveals the strategies, tools, and culture that completely transformed the Greater Clark County Indiana School District, with 10,600 students in 19 schools, over a three-year period, increasing its student achievement scores in literacy by 26% and in mathematics by 35%.
Armour of Light: Protect Your Marriage With God's Word
Protect your marriage with Armour of Light. Each lesson incorporates self-reflection while providing activities to protect different aspects of your relationship with God and your spouse. Armour of Light is intended to help strengthen and fortify your defenses against the enemy.
Ashland: 100 Years of a Lexington, Kentucky Neighborhood
A well-researched love letter to the unique history, eclectic architecture, Olmsted-designed parks, friendly residents and way of life still alive today in the Ashland neighborhood of Lexington, Kentucky.
The Back Page: Byron Crawford's <em>Kentucky Living</em> Columns
In this new collection, veteran television and newspaper journalist Byron Crawford shares stories about Kentucky’s rural people and places, ranging from the playful to the poignant to the profound. Since 2011, Crawford has written the back page of Kentucky Living magazine, the state’s most widely circulated publication, and each month, readers enjoy his unique gift for “finding the little story within the big story,” as he puts it.
Back to Life: The Simple Cure for Back Pain and Sitting Ills
Dr. Condict Moore outlines his simple program of seven essential exercises for overcoming and correcting the damages caused by modern inactive lifestyles and lifelong bad sitting habits.
Through over 160 poignant images taken by the most talented photographers who call the area home, author and small-town ambassador Kim Huston shares her love affair with Bardstown, Kentucky, a place that USA Today and Rand-McNally called "the most beautiful small town in America." The book brings the town to life and takes readers from the picturesque downtown to the verdant farmland with many stunning never-before-published aerial views.
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Behind the Crimson Curtain: The Rise and Fall of Peale's Museum
In 1786, Charles Willson Peale created the most important, and most famous, museum in Revolutionary-era America. A fusion of natural history and art, Peale's Philadelphia Museum was meant to be an embodiment of the Enlightenment. Behind the Crimson Curtain provides a unique window into science, art, and the Enlightenment in early America, and how these fed the appetites of a public hungry for "rational entertainment."
Behind the Footlights: A Novel
Author Fred Schloemer's first novel follows D.W. Singer through a life spent escaping his troubles — an unhappy childhood, an unplanned pregnancy, and his years in the Vietnam War — through fantasy and make believe. The story is a tribute to the redemptive powers of community theater and the unsung heroes whose talent, dedication, and hard work have made it such an important and beloved part of the national arts scene.
Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest
Esteemed philanthropist Isaac Wolfe Bernheim's most enduring legacy is the 14,500-acre Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest in Clermont, KY. After 80 years, his dream of creating a place to "gladden the soul and please the sight" has long been realized, with thousands of annual visitors finding inspiration in the forest's miles of trails, formal gardens, visitor center, events and all facets of wild land. Here, for the first time and in 280 gorgeous, full-color pages, the story of the forest and the man behind it unfolds.
Bernson's Corner: A Reporter's Notebook
As a journalist of the "old school" who believes everyone has a story worth telling, Barry Bernson has endeared himself to TV audiences in Louisville and Chicago by focusing on the "little guy" and the human comedy: the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. Here, Bernson reveals the warm, often-hilarious account of a life spent in modern broadcast news.
Bert Combs: The Fern Hill Years
On the threshold of what he thought were his twilight years, Bert Combs, legendary lawyer, judge, and former Kentucky governor, met Sara Walter, and suddenly he began writing a whole new chapter of his life. Sara and Bert loved the mountains of Eastern Kentucky almost as much as they loved each other, and they set off for the mountains to build a life together and begin the adventure of a lifetime. At the heart of it all was Fern Hill, the home they built, Bert’s dream-come-true. From his desk at Fern Hill, Combs filed the lawsuit that shook school reform to its roots, changing forever the face of education in Kentucky. In this poignant memoir, Sara Combs fulfills her last promise to Bert: to tell the tale of the treasured years they spent together at Fern Hill.
Bessie Jones: Moonshiner's Daughter
When you grow up in the country, family is everything. Bessie Jones Elliott felt very strongly about her family and her home in Kentucky. Even during tough times in her life, she always held her family together … and they stayed together. This book of memories was written by Bessie's daughter, Sharrie A. McWhirter, who hopes this book gives readers an opportunity to experience her mother's memories — the good, the bad, the funny and the sad — of what it was like to live in the country as a "moonshiner's daughter."
Beyond the Cabbage Patch: The Literary World of Alice Hegan Rice
This is the first and only book-length biography of Alice Hegan Rice, whose bestselling novel, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, has never gone out of print since its publication in 1901. Here, author Mary Boewe has researched and recounted the profound literary career of Alice and her poet husband, Cale, in the context of her fellow talented Louisville writers and the literary world at large in the first two decades of the 20th century.
Beyond the Fairways and Greens: A Look Inside the Lives of PGA TOUR Families
This stunning 25th Anniversary "family album," compiled by members of the PGA TOUR Wives Association, captures the Association's quarter century of charitable work and, through hundreds of heartwarming stories and family photographs, offers readers a rare glimpse into the lives of PGA TOUR families both on and off the course. The book also features 134 treasured recipes submitted by the families of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk, Luke Donald, Zach Johnson, Justin Rose, Rickie Fowler, and many other golf greats.
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Biblical Role Models: A Guide to A Deeper Marriage
Designed for use by couples, marriage classes, and group studies, author Antria Goss's new book provides ten lessons focused on a different biblical couple and applies that couple's story to today's marriages.
The Big Bat
This full color picture book tells the story of Katie and her little brother Ace, who want to take a photo of the World's Biggest Baseball Bat, but it's too big! To get the best shot, the kids team up with dinosaurs, jellybeans, jockeys and more, and along the way learn some zany math to discover just how big the Big Bat is! This charming children's book from the Executive Director of the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is sure to be a home run.
Bluegrass Bold: Stories of Kentucky Women
From scientists to engineers, activists, politicians, writers, actors, and more, Bluegrass Bold celebrates and tells the stories of 36 Kentucky women who helped improve the state and the world beyond. Original portraits by Kentucky woman artists accompany each profile.
Books and the Founding Fathers
Historian, scholar and lecturer George H. Nash's selective bibliography of books that inspired and influenced the ideas, ideologies and personal lives of America's Founding Fathers.
The Boom Project: Voices of a Generation (Ohio River Valley Edition)
The Boom Project is a unique and extraordinary anthology that celebrates baby boomer experiences and perspectives, filled with writing that is provocative, lush, witty, accessible, and universal. This collection of stories, essays, and poems are relatable to anyone who has ever searched for identity, connections, and a place to call home.
Bourbon in Kentucky: A History of Distilleries in Kentucky
A true labor of love, bourbon aficionado Chet Zoeller conducted years of research to uncover the complete history of bourbon distilling and distilleries throughout Kentucky. Bourbon in Kentucky is the comprehensive publication of his findings, cataloging almost 1,000 distillers and brands across the Commonwealth—from farmhouse mashers to the major industrial concerns, and from the late 1700s to the present day. With hundreds of rare and historical photographs, this is believed to be the first and only authoritative history of its kind.
Brandeis at 150: The Louisville Perspective
In this commemorative volume, the University of Louisville's Brandeis School of Law salutes Justice Louis D. Brandeis's life and career and explores his lifelong connection to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.
The Bug on a Rug Who Needed a Hug
When Billy the Bug feels bad for tracking mud on his mother's clean rug, he sets out to get a hug from his many farm friends, but in the process gets lost and afraid. When his mother finally finds him, he realizes he can always find a hug from his mother.
Buy or Lease Your Next Vehicle? The 2015 Authoritative Financial/Tax Guide
With ever-changing and more complex tax laws, as well as the many purchasing and leasing options available in the market today, deciding whether your business should buy or lease a vehicle may not be obvious, and the wrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars. Author and tax expert Robert Leidgen provides a comprehensive look at all the factors that matter in the year 2015.
The Cabal Legacy
The CIA must call back Chip and Marci for one last mission when Mossad captures international assassins Katrina and Ilya Popov. With jet fighter clashes in the skies and submarine standoffs below the ice, the Russians are making their play to control the Arctic. Can Chip and Marci help end this dangerous game at the top of the world?
The Cabal Lives
Retired Marine Chip Rogers and his fiancee Marci Tanner are thrust back into the world of political and military intrigue when the CIA discovers the Lake House Cabal is not yet defeated.
Calling It Like I See It: True Stories and Tall Tales about Kentucky Sports
In Calling It Like I See It, Earl Cox, the dean of Kentucky sports writers, compiles his "true stories and tall tales about Kentucky sports," writing in his brash and funny style about a broad range of Kentucky sports and the personalities that have shaped the game.
The Cancer Crisis in Appalachia: Kentucky Students Take ACTION, 2nd Edition
Kentucky has the highest rate of new cancer cases and deaths in the nation, with the greatest burden of the disease being in the state's Appalachian region. Through a series of authentically poignant essays, high school and college students detail how they have been touched by cancer, their thoughts on why cancer is so prevalent in Appalachia, and what they think can be done to lower the cancer burden.
Cancer in Appalachia: A Collection of Youth-Told Stories, Volume One
This anthology of fictional short stories and poems spotlights cancer's ravaging impact on Appalachian Kentucky. Written by high school and undergraduate students from the region, the authors leverage their own lived experiences and knowledge of cancer to convey realistic stories about the pain and disruption that cancer causes individuals, families, and entire communities across the Appalachian region.
Cast Away: Five Generations of Family Fish Stories
Newscaster John Boel offers a new collection of 39 personal stories focused on his lifelong passion for fishing with his family. Through a series of beloved memories and 80 included photographs, he discovers that escaping to go fishing is the thread that binds five generations of the Boel family.
The Caudills of the Cumberlands: Anne's Story of Life with Harry
In this heartwarming memoir, Anne Caudill — at age 89 — tells fascinating and incredible stories from her life in Appalachia with her husband, Harry Caudill, author of the 1963 book, Night Comes to the Cumberlands. She recalls historic visits by famous people, memorable moments with family and friends, and shares captivating accounts of regional legends and lore. Foreword by Wendell Berry.
A Celebration of Glass
This beautifully illustrated, full color commemorative book showcases the best of contemporary art and architectural glass. Originally produced for the groundbreaking "Celebration of Glass" exhibit in 2003, the book now serves as a compilation of those works and a testament to the beauty of the genre.
Chef Nancy's Kids' Club Cookbook
Chef Nancy Russman has worked in the kitchens of four-star restaurants and received national culinary and humanitarian awards, but her real passion has always been teaching children about healthy food. Here, she lays out easy recipes for fun snacks that teach young people how to prepare healthy foods for themselves — without using knives or stoves!
Christmas in the Bluegrass: Hometown Holiday Stories
Christmas is a time for memories and celebration, yet it's also ripe with emotion, drama … and revelation. Midway, KY native Bob Rouse's collection of ten holiday stories pulls at the holiday heartstrings – and taps on the funny bone – of any reader who ever experienced the warmth, the sadness, or the insanity of Christmas.
The Christmas Turkeys and Other Misadventures of the Season
In his new short story collection, Gerald Toner writes about the small miracles that are revealed to ordinary people during the Christmas holiday season. Though their occupations are as varied as the circumstances in which they find themselves, each of the book's characters, while grinding through the ordinary events of ordinary Decembers, find a moment of Christmas magic in the midst of their misadventures.
The Collected Poems of Mary Catherine Kirtley Young, 1975-2015
For the last four decades, Mary Catherine Kirtley Young has keenly observed the ups and downs of her own life and put pen to paper to record those experiences and emotions through poetry. Now in her late years, she has collected her poems into this "bouquet" to share with her family, friends, and all who, like her, enjoy the simple pleasure of writing, reading, and identifying with a well-written poem.
Coming Home to Self: A Journey into Inner Peace
As human beings, we all need to be reminded of our undiscovered spiritual depth. We have many opportunities to become aware of and to continue to emerge into the sacred mystery we are: a seed of Incomprehensible Mystery. Here, Barbara Pierce MacDonald illuminates ways we can enhance our fullness of life, joy, compassion, and loving-kindness and find inner peace.
Coming Out and Coming Home
In this poignant and moving memoir, Stan "JR" Zerkowski bravely recounts his personal struggle to face and embrace his identity as a gay man and to reconcile it with his deeply rooted Polish Catholicism. Telling his own story and stories of others who, for whatever reason, face rejection, discrimination, and judgment, Zerkowski issues a prophetic call within the Catholic Church for healing, compassion, dignity, and inclusion.
Country Houses of Louisville, 1899-1939
With over 300 contemporary and archival illustrations, this beautiful full-color coffee-table book presents an in-depth view of 32 spectacular country estates in Louisville, Kentucky, and the families and architects who built them. This period and genre of residential architecture and related social history in Louisville have never before been documented this thoroughly or extensively.
A Courthouse Tragedy: Politics, Murder, and Redemption in a Small Kentucky Town
Former judge Sid Easley rescues the true tale of Sheriff John T. Roach's murder by his friend and fellow deputy Sam Galloway from obscurity, and illuminates the circumstances and personalities behind this dramatic story that shook a small Western Kentucky town.
Crossing the American Grain
Grady Clay's wide-ranging radio essays known as "Crossing the American Grain" have been a staple on Louisville's NPR station, WFPL, for many years. In this comprehensive volume, Clay has collected the best of those commentaries, discussing visual and cultural landscapes, urban design and more with the incisive insight that has made his radio shows so captivating.
Dark Highway: Love, Murder, and Revenge in 1930s' Kentucky
Dark Highway is the true story of a well-liked and beautiful widow, a powerful state politician, and two murders that shocked Kentucky and received international attention in 1936 and 1937. Kentucky attorney Ann DAngelo spent six years researching the case to craft this haunting tale of love, murder, and revenge.
In their dreams, third grader Dash and his friends discover superpowers that defy reality, teaching them about friendship, courage, and the power of working together. Join Dash on their adventure, where dreams become reality and friendship becomes their greatest superpower!
Derby Start to Finish Cookbook
In this charming and practical cookbook, Courier-Journal Food Editor Sarah Fritschner presents her ultimate guide to Derby foods, menus and entertaining. She shares professional advice and practical tips on how to host and feed a houseful of Derby guests from breakfast to dinner, many days in a row.
Diagramming Step by Step: One Hundred and Fifty-Five Steps to Excellence in Sentence Diagramming
Eugene Moutoux, educator and author, taught at four universities and three high schools prior to his retirement in 2004. He has written books on sentence diagramming, Latin derivatives, and the German language and maintains a large web site that includes, among other things, a German course, Latin derivatives, and sentence diagrams.
Drawing Sentences: A Guide to Diagramming
A penchant for grammar led Eugene Moutoux to a thorough study of sentence diagramming. Throughout his life he has taught at four universities and three high schools, and written books on sentence diagramming, Latin derivatives and the German language. In Drawing Sentences, Moutoux offers anyone interested in sentence diagramming an informative and instructional guide.
Drippy: The Tale of the Sad Rain Cloud
How do you live with sadness? When a sad rain cloud witnesses a farmer's sorrow from her vantage point over his field, she begins to express her own, and learns that sadness can actually create conditions for joy to grow.
Embracing the Source: Pilgrims at the Table
This is Father Jerry Eifler's third and newest collection of homilies, focused on identifying and embracing the origins and sources of life's moments. Doing this, Eifler writes, allows us to embrace reality and leads us to the true presence of God.
The Enlightenment of Gotham: How Four Men Transformed New York City at the Start of the 19th Century
Beginning in 1802, four men – DeWitt Clinton, Samuel Latham Mitchill, David Hosack, and John Pintard – designed four temples of wisdom and a garden, which together embodied art, science, literature, philosophy, and history. These men set out to make New York a "first city" in every sense of the term, to capture the ethos of the Enlightenment, and, in so doing, to enlighten the citizens of Gotham.
Ethical Business Relationships
Louisville businessman Lee B. Thomas, Jr. discusses the Quaker-based philosophy that has guided his personal life and business career at several large, successful companies. Through a series of case studies and personal experiences, Thomas illustrates the value of—the need for—a strict ethical code in today's business climate.
The Examined Life: The Self as Midwife
Much more than a fine book on handwriting analysis, this is a treatise about life, human nature, and the human experience. Believing "the examined life moves naturally into the deeper questions of philosophical meanings, into the moral and ethical aspects of life," the author draws upon the wisdom of the ages found in classical literature to provide this focused and fascinating look into human nature, both material and spiritual.
Faith Grows by Risk: Stories from the Life of Kentucky Refugee Ministries
This is the story of Kentucky Refugee Ministries, a resettlement agency based in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, where human beings who have come out of conflict and deprivation create new lives of accomplishment. Since its founding in 1990, KRM has welcomed more than 12,000 humans from more than 40 countries across the globe and helped them start new lives. It continues its work to this day.
Finding Sara: A Daughter's Journey
Virginia journalist Margaret Edds was three when her vibrant young mother died in 1950. How could she ever discover the woman she barely knew? Edds unearthed hundreds of letters that led her from southern Tennessee to a World War II city that helped birth the atomic bomb to the Kentucky coal fields and deep into the human heart. Finding Sara is a unique and heartwarming memoir that resurrects a lost relationship and a gentler America.
Following Boone's Trace
Author Neal O. Hammon precisely details the route that pioneer Daniel Boone took to carve a route through the Kentucky wilderness for land-seekers. Hammon touches on interesting stories, the successes and failures, and the unintended consequences of Boone's journey — for which we all are richer. In the words of Richard Taylor, former Kentucky Poet Laureate, "Hammon's meticulous, stubborn research makes him the dean of living Kentucky frontier historians."
Food, Fashion, Fun and Friendship: Your Daily Dose of Inspiration
Chris Fulkerson loves F words. She talks about them every day. Her favorites are food, fashion, fun, and friendship. She is passionate about giving women the tools to enjoy life more through good food, good fashion, strong female friendships, and good old-fashioned fun. The only way to change your life is to change your choices. What you wear and eat, who your friends are, and whether you take time for fun are choices that help you create your personal dream.
Freedom Hall: Celebrating 54 Years
In this fully-illustrated, coffee-table keepsake volume, award-winning journalist Billy Reed gives a nostalgic salute to one of America's premier sports and entertainment venues — Louisville, Kentucky's Freedom Hall — with a look back at some of its greatest events and most memorable moments.
From a Barnyard to a Schoolyard: My Journey as a High School Principal
Terry Cummins spent most of his life in schoolhouses, primarily as a high-school principal in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. In this book, Cummins, nicknamed "Top Cat" by his students, explains why the hearts and minds of teenagers are mysterious, why parents fail more often than students, why school boards don't have a clue, why teachers go batty, and how principals try to maintain their sanity.
From the Panama Canal to Elkhorn Creek
In his autobiography, Judge John S. Palmore writes about his rich and varied life, from high school and World War II through his position as chief justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court, with the wit and good humor for which he is well known.
Funerals for Interfaith Families
A poignant dilemma faces many interfaith couples. At the death of the beloved, how does one honor the faith of a deceased spouse and still have a funeral liturgy that consoles the survivor? Funerals for Interfaith Families is an innovative book to help priests, rabbis, and lay people create funeral services that meet the needs of couples in interfaith marriages.
Gallopalooza III: Bridles &amp; Bourbon
After the success of Gallopalooza, Louisville's Sidewalk Derby, and Gallopalooza, The Horses of Possibility City, Gallopalooza III was launched in 2015 with a theme of "Bridles & Bourbon." Six-foot-tall mint julep cups and smaller horses balancing on bourbon barrels have now been added to the much-loved traditional horse statues on display around the city of Louisville. This is the third volume in the colorful set of commemorative books produced to capture the images and the spirit of Louisville's popular and highly successful public art program.
Gerald Stuart Baron | Architect
Over six decades, Gerald Baron designed contemporary homes in Louisville and beyond with walls of glass, natural wood, and irregular angles. His use of curved walls, multi-level living and dining spaces, spiral staircases, free-standing stone fireplaces, creatively outfitted kitchens, and expansive windows welcoming the outside in, set Gerald Baron homes apart.
Ghosts of Blackberry Holler
In this historical novel based on the real-life experiences of author C.W. Shumate's great-grandfather, a rural Kentuckian joins the Union Army to fight in the Civil War. An exhilarating journey through American history and a stirring account of war and peace, triumph and defeat, hostility and friendship, love lost and found, and the elusive pursuit of unconditional redemption.
Gideon Shryock: His Life and Architecture, 1802-1880
Gideon Shryock, Kentucky's first formally trained architect, brought the international style of the Greek Revival to Kentucky and the American West, and over the course of his half-century career imparted a template of architectural and professional dignity for others to follow. Today he is considered one of the state's – and the era's – most important architects.
A Goat Named Vote
Saddled with the same insecurities and self-doubts that humans have, a goat sets off to create a grassroots movement, engage in political and policy discourse, and advocate for action in his community.
The Golden Age of Wheeling: Bicycling In Louisville (1868-1917)
A thoroughly researched history and evolution of bicycling in Louisville, Kentucky. Fascinating and informative, this book is a must-read for bicycling enthusiasts.
The Good, the Bad, and the Snarky: The Best and the Rest of the Incredible Inman
David Inman grew up watching too much TV and, for better or worse, remembering most of it. Now 32 years after he began putting this expertise to good use as the nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist of TV and film trivia, "The Incredible Inman" has compiled the very best trivia and his most memorable answers about TV shows, movies, and related weirdness into one incredible book.
Gordon Galloway's Mealtime Makeover
Gordon Galloway is a young cow who loves sugary sweets and struggles with healthy lifestyle habits. Here, readers follow Gordon to school and on a farm adventure that provides an introduction to healthy lifestyle changes and gives parents an opportunity to discuss ways the whole family can make healthier choices, too.
Grandfather's Pocket Watch
Author Betty Southard Stokes believes that a healthy family "teaches us right from wrong, endows us with compassion, and gives us generous hearts." Her latest book captures treasured memories of special moments she spent with her maternal grandparents as she was growing up, and shares the story of a special gift her grandmother presented to her when her grandfather passed away.
The Great Diabetes Epidemic: A Manifesto for Control and Prevention
Diabetes is now the nation's sixth leading cause of death. It is the leading cause of new cases of blindness, of non-traumatic leg amputation, and of dialysis or renal transplantation. It is also among the leading causes of heart disease and stroke. The good news is, we know how to stop diabetes. But it will take public and political will, as well as a commitment to take action at the community, state, and federal levels. Here, authors Gilbert H. Friedell, MD, and J. Isaac Joyner, MPH, outline a game plan to make that change happen. We can all act now to save lives, save money and save our nation. This book will show you how.
The Great Flood of 1937: Rising Waters, Soaring Spirits
Through historic photographs, maps, log books, diaries and recollections, Rick Bell re-creates, in thrilling detail, the magnitude of Louisville's worst natural disaster which, 70 years ago, put two-thirds of the city under water.
The Greatest Loss: Ministering to Parents Who Lose a Child
On December 17, 1999, Rev. Henry White's 18-year-old son and only child was killed in an automobile accident. Throughout his grieving process and in a support group for similarly grieving parents, he discovered that many friends, counselors, and loved ones, while they wanted to be helpful and supportive, needed guidance on how to properly do so. This book will help ministers in particular, and others in general, know how better to console grieving parents who experience the worst tragedy a parent can know: the death of a child.
Handed a Greater Purpose
Meet Jason Koger, the first bilateral upper arm amputee in the world to be fitted with two multi-articulating bionic hands. He is a record-setting hunter, a TV and film personality, a sought-after speaker, and the most proficient bionic hand-user in the world. How did he do it? What is his source of strength?
He's Not Here ... Or Is He?: Paul's Spirit in My Life
Therese Ketterer shares wisdom she has gained from her experience as a widow and suggestions she hopes will help those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, as well as those who want to support and console them as well.
Hermitage Farm
Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown, owners of historic Hermitage Farm in Oldham County, Kentucky, share over 500 photos, as well as stories and poems contributed by the late Billy Reed and other prominent Kentucky authors, in a handsome volume showcasing the world-class horses, gardens, farm-to-table restaurant, bourbon, and more at Hermitage Farm—an agritourism destination that is quintessentially Kentucky.
Hero Tales from American History
In 1895, Henry Cabot Lodge and Theodore Roosevelt published 26 of their favorite stories of American heroism, courage under fire, self-sacrifice, and battles that helped shape America. This is an accurate reprint of those tales aimed at a new generation of American youth, to inspire them to learn more of our history and encourage their own acts of heroism.
Heroes at the Falls: Louisville's Lifesavers
This full-color history book tells, for the first time, the compelling story of the first and only U.S. Life-Saving Service and Coast Guard station, and the remarkable crews who saved thousands of lives, countless numbers of boats, and millions of dollars of cargoes at the Falls of the Ohio from 1882 until 1972, before the days of the modern lock and dam system.
History in the Making: The Story of the American Printing House for the Blind, 1858&ndash;2008
With hundreds of color photographs, this beautiful 150th Anniversary book celebrates the history of the American Printing House for the Blind—which is based in Louisville, Kentucky—and examines the mechanical innovations and evolutions, right up to today's digital solutions, that have enabled them to provide specialized materials, books, products, and services to the visually impaired.
Sarah Fritschner's Holidays Cookbook
In this handy cookbook, Courier-Journal Food Editor Sarah Fritschner makes the holiday season easy with full menus and recipes for the busy fall celebrations of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Also included are Fritschner's tips and tricks for busy hosts.
Home on Clear Creek: The Life of Barbara Jean Brady Thompson
Inspired by her mother's and grandmother's family stories, Joanna Thompson Buckman shares warm reminiscences of what her mother's life was like growing up on a farm in central Kentucky.
The Houses of Richard B. Isenhour: Mid-Century Modern in Kentucky
An investigation into the simple lines, open living areas, and natural materials at the heart of the "mid-century modern" style of architecture, this book details 43 houses designed and built by Richard B. Isenhour in the Lexington, Kentucky, area from 1956 to 1978. Presented chronologically, the book shows the evolution of an exemplary mid-century designer.
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I Wonder... You Too?
At 85, Gene Moutoux continues to search for answers to metaphysical, moral, psychological, sociological, and historical questions. In this latest book, he writes dozens of essays on a wide variety of topics, from the existence of God to the cruelty of factory farming, pacifism, determinism, utopias, near-death experiences, utilitarianism, Randian morality, and much more.
In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World
Today's youth are immersed in a culture of bullying, mass shootings, hate crimes, domestic abuse, violent TV shows, "first-person shooter" video games, and more. This book reveals sobering statistics, anecdotes, and stories that paint a clear picture of the world in which we now live — then provides a comprehensive set of over 400 thoroughly-researched best practices, solutions, and action steps that can help equip our children with the social skills and protective factors necessary to survive and thrive well into adulthood. Includes strategies for law enforcement, school administrators, counselors, psychologists, churches, parents, and others.
In Tune: Lessons in Life from A Life in Music
As an award-winning performing artist, educator, composer, author, and life transformation coach, Harry Pickens shares a lifetime of wisdom condensed into 38 brief essays exploring creativity, purpose, music, and the keys to a meaningful life.
Indentured: A Pathway to America
This harrowing work of historical fiction follows a German family who arrive in Philadelphia in 1746 after the father signs an indenture contract for his family to work toward a free and secure life in the New World. Once there, they are put on auction blocks and sold off to unscrupulous masters. Told by the family's living descendants, this chronicle of betrayal, fear, grief, and murder is ultimately a story of hope, love, and perseverance.
The Influential People of Bardstown
This book, created by the Kindergarten and First Grade classes at Foster Heights Elementary School, features the stories of five influential people in Bardstown, Kentucky. Creating and sharing this book was their imaginative way of making a connection with a local nursing home in their community at a time when it's been a challenge to make in-person connections.
It All Starts With A Smile: 7 Steps to Being Happier Right Now
Dr. Clifford Kuhn has modeled his psychiatric practice and his therapeutic mission around the use of humor to overcome stress and fear, survive grief and setbacks, heal the body and mind, and achieve something increasingly elusive today: being happy!
Jerry Eifler: A Retrospective
A lovely full-color book of photographs showcasing over 90 oil paintings and watercolors Jerry has created over the last five decades of his life. His works of art are a testament to Jerry's ability, through his creative lens, to see extraordinary beauty and mystery in ordinary life, and to inspire us to live our own lives more creatively, more deeply, more richly, and more fully.
John Floyd: The Life and Letters of a Frontier Surveyor
The first official surveys west of the Appalachian mountains were made in 1774 by John Floyd, a 24-year-old Deputy Surveyor of Fincastle County, Virginia. Over the next nine years, Floyd surveyed 206,000 acres, became a civic leader in a central Kentucky settlement, and carried on continuous correspondence that gives today's readers a window into frontier life that is informative, authoritative, and insightful. This is an important and neglected source that adds to our understanding of this critical period in the formation of what was to become the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Jonathan's Bluegrass Table: Redefining Kentucky Cuisine
In his inaugural cookbook, the chef and owner of Lexington's acclaimed Jonathan at Gratz Park restaurant invites you into his kitchen and shares his secrets for preparing many of his sumptuous and award-winning dishes, which blend the traditional foods of the Bluegrass Region with modern world cuisine. Includes 147 recipes and over 100 photographs.
Julius Friedman: Images and Ideas
For the first time ever, Julius Friedman, one of America's most prolific and versatile artists, photographers and graphic designers of the modern era, presents the output of a lifetime in this beautiful, full-color coffee-table book. Herein Friedman explores his life, his processes, and his complete works to date, giving readers a glimpse into the mind and instincts of the artist, and moreover exploring the processes that power art in all media around the world.
Kadee's Hope: A Family's Fight Against Childhood Cancer
Ten-year-old Kadee Sterling has it all — a nice home, a happy life, and a loving family. Soon, though, she faces the biggest challenge of her young life: cancer. Are her family and her faith enough to help her survive?
The Keats Family
Keats descendant Lawrence M. Crutcher has researched and written about every known member of the extended family of the poet John Keats, stretching from Keats' great-grandparents down through the ninth generation issue of his siblings and cousins. The family includes numerous writers, business and professional people, as well as a few reprobates.
Kentucky Bourbon Barons: Legendary Distillers from the Golden Age of Whiskey Making
Dedicated to preserving the history of the Bluegrass State's most beloved spirit, author Chester Zoeller introduces readers to some of the outstanding gentlemen who became involved in whiskey distilling at the turn of the 20th century in and around Kentucky. He also takes us back to the last years of the 1800s, when hundreds of distilleries produced a wide spectrum of whiskies — Bourbons, both sweet and sour mash, rye, and multi-grain whiskies — and the medicinal benefits of these delightful drinks were as endorsed as their taste.
Kentucky Houses of Stratton Hammon
His name evokes images of timelessly handsome, classically beautiful homes that remain highly sought-after many decades after their construction. In this magnificent volume, the authors present a comprehensive appreciation of Hammon's work through gorgeous photography and full description. This book was awarded a Bronze Medal for Excellence in the national Architecture category of the 2008 Independent Publisher Book Awards.
Kentucky in the Early 1900s: A Postcard Tribute
This full-color hardcover volume showcases an extensive collection of vintage postcards assembled over the last 35 years by Kentucky native Carl Howell. The images, along with detailed narratives Howell has written about the postcards and what they depict, provide rare and intriguing insight into the lives of ordinary Kentuckians in the early 20th century. Viewed in their entirety, they reveal a panorama of subjects that shows who we were, what we valued, and what we accomplished.
Kentucky Lawyers Speak: Oral History From Those Who Lived It
Seventy-four lawyers reflect on their lifetimes of experience and insight working in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. For law students and students of history, this is an invaluable collection of one-on-one interviews with senior members of the Kentucky Bar, who have left indelible marks on the legal profession in Kentucky.
Kentucky's 120 Counties: A Postcard Album (1900-1925)
This unique coffee-table book showcases hundreds of vintage, full-color postcards that were sold at the local drugstores, dry goods establishments, and country stores of Kentucky in the early 1900s. The images give a panoramic, front-row seat into the Bluegrass State and America of a bygone era, invoking the people, places, and events from a remarkable period in the state's history.
Kentucky's Everyday Heroes, Volume 5: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things
Steve Flairty's fifth collection of well-told stories recognizing the most important – not the most famous – people in our beloved state of Kentucky. These stories about real members of our statewide community will warm your heart, inspire you, and make you feel more positive about the human condition.
Kentucky's Everyday Heroes: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things, Volume Four
Steve Flairty's fourth collection of well-told stories recognizing the most important — not the most famous — people in our beloved Kentucky. These stories about real members of our statewide community will warm your heart, inspire you, and just generally make you feel more positive about the human condition.
Kentucky's First Senator: The Life and Times of John Brown - 1757-1837
The first full biography of John Brown, Kentucky's first US Senator in the era of the thirteen colonies. This handsome hardcover volume offers a keen analysis of the major issues and personalities of the time, a fully-realized portrait of the man, and vivid details about the new state and nation he dedicated his life to building.
Kickin' ALS: A Young Mother's Journey through Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
When Carrey Dewey was diagnosed at age 42 with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), she became determined to spend what life she had left advocating for ALS research and educating people about the disease. Kickin' ALS is a compilation of Carrey's personal Facebook posts, written from shortly after her diagnosis in June 2014 until just before her death in May 2018. It is a powerful and poignant chronicle of one woman's experience with the disease that is 100 percent fatal.
List Price: $24.95
On Sale Now! $20.00
Lake House Cabal
Retired Marine Chip Rogers and his fiancee Marci Tanner must stop an international crime ring as they attempt to influence the American presidential election by sabotaging a pandemic vaccine.
Lakeside Swim Club in Louisville, KY is an oasis for thousands—and a mystery to thousands more. This beautiful coffee-table book, designed to be a family heirloom, includes over 300 photographs from the last 100 years and traces the history of the land, the people, and the struggle to preserve this hidden gem for generations to come.
The Lane Way: Family, Faith, and Fifty Years in Basketball
Celebrated Transylvania University basketball coach Don Lane has taught, counseled, and encouraged thousands of young people over more than three decades of coaching. In this memoir, Coach Lane relates stories about his players, his strategies, his coaching style and philosophy, and the triumphs and setbacks of each season. He also generously shares the life lessons he's drawn from 80 years of a life truly well lived.
Leader and Legend: Kevin McDonald's Journey from Troubled Youth to Founder of a Landmark Rehabilitation Program
After a tormented childhood, years of drug abuse, and conviction for armed robbery, Kevin McDonald founded a landmark residential rehabilitation program in Durham, North Carolina. In the midst of today's opioid epidemic, this story chronicling David's life, path to recovery and successful rehab program offers a beacon of hope.
The Leight House: The Home and Collections of Leonard and Adele Leight
Over forty years, Leonard and Adele Leight have assembled one of the foremost studio art glass collections in the United States, which is exquisitely situated throughout their home and intermingled with their ceramic and furniture collection. The Leight House is not only a room-by-room depiction of the Leights' collection and the architecture that displays it, but a story of how two people collaborated in building what is truly an exceptional home museum.
Leslie's Christmas Dream
Betty Southard Stokes wrote Leslie's Dream in 1980 for her daughters, Leslie Ann Stokes and Amy Elizabeth Stokes, to help them learn the true meaning of Christmas.
Liberation: My Father's Long Journey from War to Peace
The story of how a man finally made peace with his war experiences by returning, decades later, to the French town he helped liberate in 1944 during World War II.
Life Is Now: Living a Life of Peace in the Midst of Cancer
When former Roman Catholic priest and licensed clinical social worker Don Vowels was diagnosed with cancer during a routine colonoscopy in January 2012, he started writing a journal on the Caring Bridge website to inform family and friends of his health status and to use writing as a method for processing his emotional, mental, and spiritual reactions to living with cancer. In his journal entries, the theme of practicing present-moment awareness emerged as a powerful tool to bring peace. This is the collection of Don's writings and journey.
Linger and Be Available
Father Jerry Eifler's first collection of homilies, first published in May 2003 and reprinted to continue Father Eifler's legacy. Over a decade later, Linger and Be Available still offers the same timeless insight and spiritual wisdom that parishioners and readers have long enjoyed from the Roman Catholic priest and author.
LIV: A Memoir
This is the story of Olivia, an active and smart 12-year-old who was diagnosed with cancer before the end of her sixth grade school year. While fighting and overcoming the disease only to have it return, getting sepsis and nearly dying, Olivia's faith was put to the test. But the power of God, the emotional strength of her family, and the support of healthcare workers gave Olivia the life she has today.
Living In Real Time
Courtney Robison-Dixon's life mission is to help young women build the inner strength, confidence, and competence they need to live their lives in real time,in a world dominated by social media timelines. Her relatable, supportive, life-changing advice will empower girls to realize that they are women of passion, with a purpose in life, and the power to influence the world in a positive way.
Lonnie & Twyla Money: 50 Years of Kentucky Appalachian Folk Art
The story of two iconic Kentucky artists who have not only been making highly regarded folk art pieces for nearly 50 years, but who have helped to shape this unique Appalachian art form.
Looking for Love Through Thicker Lenses: A Guide to Dating Later in Life
After years of research and personal transitions, 71-year-old author Sharon P. S. Marx has written the definitive guide to dating later in one's life. In it, she dispels the common myths and anxieties and outlines specific steps that can lead to a personally gratifying relationship at any age. With wit, candor, and a lighthearted conversational style, Marx urges her contemporaries to get out into the real world and start dating again -- because companionship never grows old.
Louisville Landmarks: A Viewbook of Architectural and Historic Landmarks in Louisville, Kentucky
This complete yet purse-sized volume is the perfect guidebook to Louisville's most significant buildings, historic residences and landmarks, incorporating the dates, the architects, and the style, significance and historic status of over 60 of Louisville's most notable sites.
Louisville Slugger: The Making of a Baseball Bat
Author Jan Arnow's illustrated children's book shows the process of making Louisville Slugger bats, from the forest to the factory to the ball field.
The Incredible Inman's Louisville Trivia Challenge!
You never knew Louisville was so well-connected! In this fun and surprising compilation, Louisville's chief trivia expert tests your knowledge of the many connections between Louisville and the worlds of film, art, music and literature.
Louisville's KFC Yum! Center: A Community's Dream Realized
The building of the KFC Yum! Center is a blueprint for how a public project should be funded, planned, and executed. From the outset, the project has been about providing every element of the city's culture — men and women, black and white, business and labor, rich and poor — with an opportunity to help revitalize the city's downtown and make the city a viable option for national events. This is the story of how Possibility City turned a dream into a magnificent reality.
Louisville's Street Railways &ndash; and How They Shaped the City's Growth
For the first time ever, after decades of research, the story of Louisville's street railways and their impact on the city is told in detail, supplemented by several hundred photos, drawings, and illustrations, and 14 large-scale maps of the railway lines and routes.
Louisville's Waterfront Park: A Riverfront Renaissance
Praised for its innovative landscape design, Louisville's Waterfront Park was, just 25 years ago, covered by an industrial brownfield wasteland of scrapyards, sand and gravel operations, warehouses, asphalt plants and railroad tracks. This beautiful full-color coffee table book tells the great success story of the Park's transformation and how the vision was achieved.
Lovingly Yours, Lydia: The Diary and Correspondence of the Youngest Bennet Sister
Whatever happened to Lydia Bennett, the brash troublemaker from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice? Did she continue to wreak havoc with her impulsive ways? Or did married life help her settle down? Lovingly Yours, Lydia lets us peek into her diary, her correspondence, and the letters of her friends and family. From the manor houses of Regency England, to the battlefields at Waterloo, Lydia is always in the thick of things.
The Magical Candy Cane
Do you believe in the magic of Christmas? Sarah didn’t until she brings home a magical candy cane named Mr. Andy Candy Cane. Everyone learns the true meaning of Christmas joy with Sarah and Mr. Andy’s help: spending time with people, using our talents to serve others, and sharing with those in need.
Maker's Mark: My Autobiography
From proud but humble beginnings in Happy Hollow, Kentucky, bourbon producer Maker's Mark has grown to cult status around the world. In My Autobiography, the company's flamboyant president, Bill Samuels, Jr., gives us the official, fascinating and colorful life story of his family's premier bourbon brand.
Making Pottery Functional: Over 200 Pottery Items and How to Make Them Work
Veteran potter and teacher Melvin D. Rowe provides a wealth of creative inspiration and insightful tips for creating over 200 unique pottery pieces that can actually be used.
MAN! MAN! MAN!: Don't Play Russian Roulette With Your Prostate Health
After being diagnosed with prostate cancer himself, author Charles Eric Green found that prostate cancer is often too taboo a subject for public discussion among most men. He wrote this book to help change the public conversation about prostate health, and to help men communicate with other men about this very important subject.
The Man On the Wall
In this touching and true children's story, a young girl discovers the identity of the uniformed man whose photograph hangs in her grandparents' home. She learns about the man's life as he grew from an excited little boy to a young man who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War. The book serves as a reminder of the more than 58,000 lives lost during this tumultuous time in American history.
May You Live In Christ: Spiritual Growth through the Vision of St. Peter
Robin T. Jennings shows us how St. Peter uniquely speaks to us today and, through his vision, we see our life in Christ and grow into a new and more fulfilling life.
Marcus Aurelius, one of the last great emperors of Rome, was one of the strongest proponents of the philosophy of stoicism. He wrote these notebooks for himself – to help stay on the right course toward living a moral, useful, and rewarding life.
List Price: $19.95
On Sale Now! $14.95
Mercy Academy: Celebrating the Circle of Mercy Since 1885
Spanning over 120 years of the school's history, this book captures the essence of what it means to be a "Mercy girl." The history, faith and educational mission of Mercy Academy are documented here in words, archival photographs and contemporary images.
The Monarchs: The Great American Rock 'n' Roll Dream
Filled with memories, music and memorabilia from the era, and packaged with a commemorative DVD documenting the band's history, this book takes readers back to the early days of Louisville rock 'n' roll to remember one of its biggest acts, The Monarchs. After 50 years of concerts, sock hops, dances and reunions, the music hasn't stopped, and award-winning journalist Billy Reed follows the band—and the greater Louisville area—through it all.
Money Follows Excellence
Based on his own remarkable career, Bill Lamb has written a lively, readable, believable, and truly vital book for managers at all levels in enterprises of all types and sizes. In this instructive and insightful new book, Lamb suggests that managers, if they hope to be successful, must ground their organization's core principles in a solid foundation and ensure, always, that excellence comes first.
More Than Friends: Shaped by Flower Power: Women's Stories from Brotherhood of the Spirit
In the 1970s, 15 women from across the US found themselves living in community at the Brotherhood of the Spirit/Renaissance Community in Massachusetts, one of the largest hippie communes in the country. Living in passive solar houses, growing organic food, and buying organic rice and grains in bulk, they were ahead of their time in some respects, but not all. This is the story of that time of communal living, and the years that followed.
Mud Creek Medicine: The Life of Eula Hall and the Fight for Appalachia
This biography chronicles the life of Eula Hall, an iconoclastic woman with a resolute spirit to help her people. Through moonshining, labor strikes, and eventually creating the Mud Creek Clinic, Eula found herself — through sheer determination and will — at the center of a century-long struggle to lift up a part of America that is too often forgotten.
Musical Pairing: The Art of Harmonizing Music and Beverages With Your Meals
Every foodie is in search of the perfect bite. Chef and author Barbara Werner is wowing them by taking them on a journey through a new world of pairing music with food and beverages, using a simple mathematical formula. Musical pairing can teach you how to raise a good dish to greatness and a great dish to near perfection, landing happily at the perfect meal!
My Blessed, Wretched Life: Rebecca Boone's Story
Author Sue Ballard provides a thoroughly researched, fictionalized autobiography of frontiersman Daniel Boone's wife, Rebecca Bryan Boone, a woman who deserves tribute for her role in carving new homes and new lives in the primitive and dangerous Kentucky wilderness. Ballard's description of Rebecca's day-to-day life is accurate in each detail, from raising their many children, farming, and kitchen work, to her hourly prayers and waiting in loneliness for the return of her trailblazing husband. A must-read for all who love early American and Kentucky history.
My Childhood Cancer
Eight-year-old Charles Kent was diagnosed with T Cell Leukemia on October 18, 2022. He has written this book to share his thoughts with others about how to get through hard times by finding the positive in life and by looking for silver linings.
My Kentucky Life
For over a quarter-century, popular television host and producer Dave Shuffett has traveled thousands of miles across Kentucky, interviewing people and photographing places that showcase what is unique and extraordinary about the beloved Bluegrass State. Here he shares over 100 pages of his favorite photographs and essays from those travels, opening our eyes and our hearts to the rich heritage, fascinating people, colorful culture and pure natural beauty of the Commonwealth.
My Mom, the Lawyer
Is your mom a lawyer? Do you know about the different jobs lawyers do? Read along as kids tell you about their inspiring lawyer-moms. This book is sure to be a treasured favorite and a great gift for the lawyer-moms and aspiring women lawyers in your life!
My Moon Wish
With rhythmic prose that begs to be read aloud, author and illustrator Jane Brown beautifully captures the magic of childhood wishes. Proceeds from the sale of My Moon Wish books will be donated to Make-A-Wish®.
My Recovery Companion
James P. Moss, M.D. has been on the road to Recovery for 25 years. Here, he's collected a treasure trove of timeless wisdom into a complete, alphabetical, easy-to-reference volume, offering support and guidance on over 400 topics for others to use in their own moments of struggle on their Recovery journey.
The Mystery of Hank's Woods
In this short, adventurous children's book, a boy who lives in a log cabin spends his days exploring the woods, talking to animals and letting his imagination roam free. One day, he hears a strange noise and, following it, comes upon an old mansion deep in the forest. Summoning his courage, he treads up the stairs to discover what is making the strange sound.
Never Say Never &ndash; Yes You Can! by Phyllis George
Throughout her colorful career—as Miss America and First Lady of Kentucky, and as a pioneering sportscaster, entrepreneur, actor and author—Phyllis George has had to take risks, overcome challenges, and reinvent herself many times in her life. In Never Say Never, she reveals how an indomitable spirit, positive outlook, courage and adaptability has helped her—and can help you—face and learn lessons from each challenging chapter in life.
No Guts, No Glory: My Life as a Brawler, Soldier, Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, Bouncer, Bodyguard, Businessman and All-Around Nice Guy
Jim Bolen's official memoir recounts a life lived so on-the-edge dangerously that you'll insist — as everyone else has — that he shouldn't have made it through. No Guts, No Glory is the hard-knuckle first-hand account of a man whose fierce dedication to justice and fearless sense of adventure have taken him around the world standing up to and fighting down a laundry list of dishonorable and violent men, from belligerent off-duty police officers to South African terrorists.
Norton Memorial Infirmary School of Nursing: History of Excellence
On New Year’s Day 1886, the Norton Memorial Infirmary School of Nursing — the first nursing school in Kentucky — opened its doors in Louisville. Over the next 90 years, more than 1,500 young people prepared for careers as registered nurses. This book, compiled by four Norton graduates, takes the reader through major historical events, medical advances, vast cultural changes, and the evolution of the school.
Now What? A Divorced Dad's Guide to Parenting Excellence
After the ink dries on the divorce decree, how can fathers remain active and relevant in their kids' lives? After his own divorce, author Steve Adams decided he wanted a more meaningful role in the lives of his children. He turned around his priorities, focused on parenting, and established a set of principles. They worked for him. He believes they'll work for any divorced father.
Observations from Orcas Island: Poetry, Memoir, Book Reviews, Essays
Author Jens Kruse's wide-ranging collection of poetry, memoir, book reviews, and essays from recent years attempts to deepen our awareness and understanding of our world, reflecting on history and current events, politics and society, and the beauty and hope of nature and family.
On the News ... In the News: A Journalist's Own Story of Recovery and Self-Discovery
In this tell-all book revealing the news behind the news, veteran Emmy-award-winning TV news anchor John Boel shares 25 years of fascinating stories from one side of the camera, then takes readers to the other side, telling the whole story of his powerful journey through the public shame of two high-profile DUI arrests and his gradual recovery and self-discovery.
On Tyranny and Crisis
In his second novel, real-life retired US ambassador and arms negotiator Thomas Graham Jr. has written a taut political thriller set within the United States government, filled with rogue military, domestic rebellion, and intense intra-governmental struggles to save the country from a corrupt and dangerous president.
One Lifetime Long: The Heartwarming Memoir of a Pediatric Cardiologist
The personal memoir of Dr. Carol Cottrill, of Lexington, Kentucky, who devoted more than four decades of her life to caring for the tiniest and most vulnerable cardiac patients – newborns, toddlers, and children. Throughout her career, Dr. Cottrill took these patients into her heart and sometimes even into her own home. Her medical expertise, professionalism, passion, and compassion made her a beloved member of the Lexington medical community.
Parenting Adult Children: Real Stories of Families Turning Challenges into Successes
In this unique book, Dr. Fred Schloemer addresses a little-discussed area of family health: how to parent children who have become adults themselves. With issues ranging from overdependence to estrangement, step-parenting, substance abuse, and more, the book offers a variety of case studies from Schloemer's years of practice, and reveals insights and interventions to help parents of adult children deal with these very real but often overlooked issues.
Passing the Torch: Lessons Learned, Wisdom Shared
Through candid stories and personal recollections, 54 of Louisville's most influential leaders reveal a lifetime of wisdom and insight, along with lessons they have learned over the years, as they prepare to "pass the torch" to the next generation of Louisville leaders.
Passions of the Black Patch: Cooking and Quilting in Western Kentucky
Author Bobbie Smith Bryant's full-color hardcover volume offers a rich and colorful collection of over 200 family recipes, hand-crafted heirloom quilts, and delightful stories celebrating the unique traditions of her family, its farm, and the "Black Patch" region the Smiths have called home for many generations.
Pathway Through the Past: A Timeline Tour of Historic Sites in Louisville, Kentucky
Kadie Engstrom's full-color volume reveals the many places a visitor can go to learn about the wonderfully vast history of Louisville, Kentucky's metropolitan area. Along with retelling significant events in local history, Engstrom targets the sites (including those designated as National Historic Landmarks) that are available for visitation and which interpret a piece of Louisville's historic puzzle.
Peace Through People: 50 Years of Global Citizenship
As the definitive collection of stories and photographs compiled from the archives of Sister Cities International and its members, this beautiful keepsake volume documents, for the first time, the rich and colorful history of the sister city movement around the world. A 50th anniversary commemorative book.
Pele's Forever Home
This children's book tells the true story of a champion greyhound named Pele, who started racing professionally at age two and was retired at age five. Pele won 20 of the 114 races he ran in his lifetime. When he was six years old, he was adopted by Jessica and Paul, who lived in Boston, Massachusetts.
Political Quickstep: The Life of Kentucky's Colonel Charles S. Todd
This biography explores the life of Charles S. Todd, a patriotic Whig gentleman, farmer, father, lawyer, and army colonel who served in the War of 1812 and later became a political agent, ambassador, and champion of the cultural and industrial revolutions in 19th-century America. Todd's evolution reflects a turbulent time in America, when social and class distinctions were upended, new lands were opened to settlement, and the Civil War ended slavery and the plantation lifestyle to which Todd had been born.
Porching: A Humorous Look at America's Favorite Pastime
Dr. John Buchino writes about that most prevalent and unrecognized pastime in America: sitting on the front porch. In this quirky and fun collection, Buchino extols the heady virtues of the porching life, and makes a strong case for porching's health and wellness benefits.
Postcards from Abe, 1842-1865: Abraham Lincoln Writes to Lucy Speed at Farmington Plantation in Louisville, Kentucky
These postcards from Abraham Lincoln, written to his friend Joshua Speed's mother, Lucy Speed, at Farmington Plantation in Louisville, Kentucky, are just pretend. But while this fun and educational book may not contain true artifacts, it does provide an honest recollection of Lincoln's childhood, challenges, and career, culminating in his being elected to serve as the 16th president of the United States of America.
Postcards from Daniel, 1755-1784: Daniel Boone Writes from the Kentucky Wilderness
While this fun and educational book may not contain true artifacts, it provides an honest recollection of Daniel Boone's thoughts and discoveries as he explored the Kentucky wilderness from 1755-1784. Third in a series of historical postcard books created by award-winning Kentucky educator Betty Southard Stokes, this book is a perfect way to teach history to children in a fun, imaginative way.
Postcards from George, 1763-1781: George Rogers Clark Writes to Virginia from the Kentucky Wilderness
This fun and educational collection may not contain true artifacts (as postcards were not invented until after Clark had passed away), but it does provide an honest recollection of George Rogers Clark's thoughts and discoveries through a series of fictional postcards to his brothers, Edmund and William Clark, and his sister, Lucy Clark. This book is perfect for teaching history to children in a fun, imaginative way.
The Power of Ideas, Volume II: The University of Louisville Grawemeyer Awards
Rather than living luxuriously, Louisville industrialist and philanthropist H. Charles Grawemeyer wanted to use his wealth to, in his words, "help make the world a better place." In 1984 he endowed the Grawemeyer Awards, a series of awards established to pay homage to creativity and genius in areas of human endeavor too much ignored by other awards: in Music, Political Science, Education, Religion and Psychology. The Power of Ideas is the second volume in commemoration of these awards and their recipients—picking up where the first volume left off, in 1997, to showcase the last 10 years of profound innovations.
The Prophet: A 100th Anniversary Edition
Celebrating its 100th anniversary, The Prophet is not a book of analytic philosophy and it is not a simple self-help book. It is a work of offered wisdom that flies to the heavens on the wings of its imaginative prose and lands again on the solid ground right next to the reader where it is most needed.
List Price: $17.95
On Sale Now! $12.95
Reflection and Choice: The Federalists, the Anti-Federalists, and the Debate that Defined America
Presenting all 85 Federalist Papers alongside over 40 Anti-Federalist writings and thoughtful contemporary analysis, this single volume embodies the essence of the great debates that roiled American public life at the end of the 1780s – and demonstrates how those issues are still alive in the challenges of the 21st century.
List Price: $49.95
On Sale Now! $29.97
Resting In Peace: Civil War Leaders in Cave Hill Cemetery
As the premier cemetery in the geographically central location of Louisville, Kentucky, during the Civil War, Cave Hill Cemetery had many connections to both the Union and Confederacy — and was, therefore, an ideal place to bury both high-ranking officers and ordinary citizens. In this clear and easy-to-use guidebook, author Bryan Bush gives the well-researched history of the cemetery's role in the Civil War, complete with detailed cemetery maps, photographs, and stories from the Civil War.
Rethinking the Teaching of American History
Teachers, scholars, and students of American history will appreciate the combination of practical advice about teaching American history and the examples of first-rate historical analysis found in Rethinking the Teaching of American History. Written with American history teachers in mind, the essays included in this volume will provoke both the novice and the experienced history teacher to rethink how they approach their academic discipline and professional craft.
River Life: A Journey from Headwaters to the Sea
Starting from a small stream in a Pennsylvania woodland, this illustrated educational book follows the seasons of river life along three connected rivers: the Allegheny during spring, the Ohio during summer and the Lower Mississippi during fall. A great addition to children's literature about rivers and river life.
Riverside: The Unfolding Story: A 25th Anniversary Publication
From a scandalous double murder involving a prominent Kentucky family to the story of a forgotten soldier, Riverside: The Unfolding Story reveals the compelling history of a 300-acre Ohio River farm in southwest Louisville. Published for the 25th anniversary of Riverside's opening, this book explores the fascinating story of a place that embraces ongoing research and public engagement.
Romany Marie: The Queen of Greenwich Village
A truly special event, Romany Marie puts readers at the table to engage in a remarkable conversation with the indomitable woman who, for three generations, was hailed as an earth mother by a wide and now-legendary range of intellectuals, artists and bohemians who gathered in New York City's Greenwich Village in the early half of the 20th century.
Rooted in the Mountains, Reaching to the World: Stories of Nursing and Midwifery at Kentucky's Frontier School, 1939-1989
Founded in 1925, the Frontier Nursing University has held steadfast and powerful roots in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, yielding a bevy of both healthy babies and quality nurse-midwifery graduates for over 85 years. In this coffee-table volume, the stories and experiences of the early Frontier graduates provide a fascinating glimpse into an otherwise undocumented history of nurse-midwifery in the 20th century.
Rounding the Circle
This collection of essays, hand-picked by former Courier-Journal Book Editor Keith Runyon, offers a decade's worth of the author's rich insights, reflecting on the many challenges and wonderments that the world offers us, and providing "markers along the path" as we make our way along the circular path to our personal center.
The Saddlebred: America's Horse of Distinction
A beautiful combination of information and photography, The Saddlebred is the first pictorial book exclusively dedicated to the American Saddlebred horse. This unique volume shows in great detail the show rings, trails, dressage, carriage and jumping competitions, and pleasure riding and farm life for Saddlebreds.
Samuel Joseph Elsby: Banker, Businessman, and Community Leader
The Elsby, built in 1916 on the corner of Pearl and State Streets, was New Albany, Indiana's first high-rise office complex. It was a testimonial to the art of ingenuity and innovation, incorporating the most modern conveniences available at the time. In 1917, the New Albany Public Press declared, "Everyone admires the new Elsby." But who was this man, Samuel J. Elsby, who built it? This book dives into the history of both the man and the building, which Elsby considered his crowning achievement.
Secrets of Old Louisville
Author David Williams uncovers a wealth of stories about the Old Louisville neighborhood — its more colorful residents, its notorious scandals and murders, its hidden treasures and forgotten lore — which no other book has explored. Along the way, he punctures a few urban legends that until now have been taken for granted. Filled with historic and contemporary photographs.
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The Seelbach: A Centennial Salute to Louisville's Grand Hotel
Back in print! As the official recorder of all Seelbach legend and history, author Larry Johnson discusses in lively detail the many celebrities, presidents, movie stars, famous writers, gangsters and even ghosts who've passed through this bastion of stately architecture in Louisville, Kentucky.
The Senate: Great Forum of Constitutional Liberty
Former U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) served in the Senate longer than any other man in U.S. history. In this slim volume, he discusses some of the lessons he learned during his time in the Senate, and makes a strong call to defend the institution in the 21st century. It is an instructive volume on the origins, evolution, and current functioning of the U.S. Senate.
Shar's Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Desserts
When she was diagnosed with celiac disease, author Sharrie McWhirter knew she would have to switch to a gluten-free, dairy-free diet. As she started looking at the commercially available gluten-free and dairy-free foods, Sharrie found very few that were appealing and decided to develop her own recipes. After much trial and error, she came up with 28 delicious dessert recipes that she shares in this book.
Sneakin' Deacon: From Secret Service to Sacred Service
Cop, Secret Service agent, private consultant, and bodyguard … Greg Gitschier has led an exciting life. He's protected presidents and royalty, tracked down international criminals, and cracked tough cases. He now serves as a deacon in the Catholic Church, a police chaplain, and Secret Service chaplain. This book shares the raw, the routine, the gritty, and the grand moments of a life in both Secret Service and sacred service.
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The Soulful Sounds of Derbytown
This is the first-ever record of Louisville’s rich heritage of African American music and entertainment. Known as “Derbytown” because of the Kentucky Derby, Louisville has been home to hundreds of African American musicians whose “soulful sounds” have made significant contributions to the world of music and entertainment locally, nationally, even internationally across a wide range of genres, including gospel, jug band, blues, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, rock, and classical and theatrical music.
Spit and Polish: A Kentucky Boy's Coming of Age in a Tennessee Military School
Author Bill Harris tells the story of how he – a lackadaisical, happy-go-lucky 14-year-old in 1957 – gained maturity and built a respectable life on the foundations provided by attending the Castle Heights Military Academy in Lebanon, Tennessee.
The Sporran: The Remnant Chronicles I & II
After discovering the mysterious powers of a musty old Scottish sporran, sixth-grader Jacob Boyd is plunged into a dangerous adventure deep in the catacombs beneath Edinburgh Castle, where unseen perils—and the fate of the world—await him in the dark. For young adult readers, this is the start of an exciting new series.
St. Frances of Rome Church Community: An Illustrated History
To celebrate the history of one of Louisville's oldest and most vital Catholic parishes, Father Jerry Eifler and Steve Wiser have created a lively and thorough look back at the people and milestone events in the church's development and evolution, by weaving personal memories with hundreds of archival photos along with the original research of Charles W. Beckman, Sr.
The Stag and the Spear
16-year-old Duncan Page is given an old wooden box containing an ancient, otherworldly blade as he evacuates London in 1941. As Nazi spies hunt for the box and Duncan, a secret society emerges from the shadows of Oxford to protect the treasure.
List Price: $19.95
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A Star in Each Flag: The Civil War and Reconstruction in Bowling Green
Novels about the Civil War abound, but few address the war's impact on women or relationships between white women and enslaved women. As violence, political division, racism, and gender inequality unfold in this historical novel about a young woman living in Bowling Green, KY, the story becomes a compelling tale of contemporary significance.
"The Stile of This Confederacy...
In this full-color, coffee-table anthology of American history from the Mayflower Compact to the present day, readers can learn about the struggle for Independence, the arguments over Constitutional ratification, slavery and Civil War, westward expansion, America's evolving role in world affairs, and the continuing march toward a more pluralistic society.
Stunt History: The Story of Model Aircraft Control Line Precision Aerobatics
Wynn Paul’s long-awaited two-volume book set in a collector slipcase contains a year-by-year chronology of stunt model aircraft events and fliers—from the first control line flight in 1937 through the World Championships in 2014.
Surviving A Stroke
Stricken by a major stroke at age 35, Andrew Fisher tells the amazing story of his sudden illness and the innovative neurologist at the University of Louisville Hospital whose treatment saved his life. Told with an unflinching honesty, Andrew's story is riveting and alarming, yet uplifting and hopeful.
The Tails of Windy Meadows
This full-color illustrated children's book tells the story of a typical day on the horse farm of Windy Meadows Stables, located in the L'Esprit equestrian community of LaGrange, Kentucky. Told through the eyes of the colorful horse characters who live in its barns, The Tails of Windy Meadows encourages horse lovers to visit the picturesque stables where nearly 100 horses—from riding lesson horses to national racing retirees—call home.
Take A Hike, Louisville! Nature Excursions In and Around Louisville, Kentucky
A perfect guide to simple, convenient and low-cost nature excursions, all in the Louisville area. Whether you're looking for an hour's walk or a day's hike, this book offers a family-friendly guide to over 30 natural areas and over 50 miles of walking paths and hiking trails, complete with detailed descriptions of venue amenities and natural features. Photographs throughout.
Take A Walk, Louisville! Nature Excursions In and Around Louisville, Kentucky

Walk along with the Koesters family as they take you down woodland paths, through wildflower meadows, across wetlands, along riverbanks, around pristine lakes and up to waterfalls. Be inspired to slow down, savor nature, take time with your family, and even enjoy a local ice cream treat after your walk. It's time to get out and Take A Walk, Louisville!

That's Entertaining! with Tim Laird
"Entertaining should never be intimidating," says Tim Laird, dubbed America's Chief Entertaining Officer. Here Tim has compiled over 300 full-color pages of his much-celebrated tips and tricks for hosting simple but show-stopping occasions of all kinds. Whether you're screening The Big Game, celebrating Valentine's Day or having Tapas Night, Tim offers tantalizing menus, creative cocktails, and all kinds of insightful advice from start to finish.
That's Entertaining! Cocktails and Appetizers
Popular media personality and Chief Entertaining Officer Tim Laird's hand-picked collection of some of his favorite cocktail recipes, coupled with delicious appetizers that are easy to prepare, but can make any host look like a pro. The book offers easy-to-follow guides for party planners, featuring over 100 show-stopping but simple-to-make recipes.
This I Believe: Kentucky
The popular radio essay series focuses its attention on Kentucky voices and themes in this new book from This I Believe, Inc. Here, 60 authors who are either from Kentucky or who are writing about Kentucky provide thoughtful explorations of their core values and guiding principles, including Muhammad Ali, Tori Murden McClure, Frank X Walker, Silas House, Sena Jeter Naslund, and many others from all walks of life.
Three for Dinner
This illustrated children's book tells the sweet story of two mice, Melvin and Peppy, and the lessons they learned through their encounters with a cat named Midnight. The book encourages young children to not fear or believe the worst about people until they get to know them and give them a chance.
The Three Turkeys Gobble
In this heartwarming tale, join three plucky turkeys as they face the looming threat of becoming the main course of a greedy pilgrim’s Thanksgiving dinner. This festive tale is sure to leave readers of all ages with a heart full of gratitude and a belly full of giggles.
Through Colored Glasses: How Great Leaders Reveal Reality
In this book on leadership, author Tom Harper spins a Biblical leadership fable full of twists and confrontations as employees try to save their company — and themselves. The book also includes scripture-based lessons to help leaders unlock reality in their own organizations.
Tibu, the Little Bull Shark
In this children's book, Tibu, a little bull shark, lives in Lake Nicaragua. He is mean to other fish and has no friends, so he swims down the San Juan River to the salt water of the Caribbean Sea, then into the big ocean. There he makes new friends and learns important lessons about treating others like he would like to be treated.
Tiny Toes: A Creative Movement Class for Young Children
Designed specifically for children ages 2-5, this enchanting new book teaches kids to dance using author Morgan Grubola's new M.E.G. (Movement, Expression and Growth) technique. To activate both body and mind, Grubola offers 19 different exercises that develop strength and flexibility, promote intellectual growth, and encourage performance skills in young students — while using their imaginations to dance with fanciful animals of all shapes and sizes!
Tornado: A Look Back at Louisville's Dark Day, April 3, 1974
Louisville, Kentucky's recent history has no more unforgettable moment than April 3, 1974 — the day a disastrous tornado tore a path of destruction across the city of Louisville and its metro area. This new softcover edition commemorates the 40th anniversary of that fateful day in Louisville's history.
Transforming Healthcare: Healing You, Me, and Our Broken Disease-Care System
APRN Kim Evans describes how the United States can transform its broken disease-care system into a model of compassion focused on health, wellness, and disease prevention. More than simply criticizing our ailing healthcare system, Evans brings practical solutions that can reform the system from top to bottom.
The Traveler's Vest Pocket Medical Guide
This small but crucial guide shows you in easy-to-understand language how to identify and treat a range of common travel maladies, especially useful for adventure travelers. The book also addresses more general issues to help you get the most out of your journeys.
Tula Pendleton: The Life and Work of a Forgotten Southern Writer
Researched and written by Tula Pendleton's great-niece, this book uncovers the historical author's remarkable life with empathy and insight. It also collects, for the first time, all of her extant stories, giving new generations the chance to discover the work of this extraordinary Southern writer.
Two Centuries of Black Louisville: A Photographic History
Over two centuries and more, African Americans in Louisville, Kentucky have created a community and defined its identity and character while meeting the evolving challenges of slavery, freedom, segregation, politics, economics and cultural meaning. Presenting over 450 historical and archival photographs, this beautiful book tells the story of this community in words and images.
The Two Lives and One Passion of Louise Marshall: Founder of the Cabbage Patch Settlement
Rich, flawed and female, Louise Marshall was an unconventional hero, focusing her life on one Louisville, Kentucky neighborhood, known as the Cabbage Patch, and the individuals who lived there. For 70 years, she used love, not legislation, to foster pride, self-respect, and character in people, and to attack the day's most difficult social problems.
Unbekannt und Unbeachtet: German Fairy Tales You May Have Missed
Longtime German language teacher and author Gene Moutoux here reprints a selection of fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm in their original German for use as language learning tools. Includes the full story texts, plus vocabulary blocks, footnotes, and a glossary. If you've begun to learn German, this book will be a uniquely fun and adventurous way to develop your vocabulary and grammar.
Unbridled Service: Growing Up and Giving Back as a Frontier Nursing Service Courier, 1928-2010
Recalling how a system of volunteer "girl chauffeurs" facilitated the American Committee for Devastated France after World War I, Mary Breckinridge developed a similar plan for the Frontier Nursing Service, a nursing center and midwifery in the mountains of eastern Kentucky since 1925. This is the wildly successful and diverse history of the Courier Service.
Unearthing the Past: The Archaeology of the Falls of the Ohio River Region
Beginning with bands of hunters and gatherers foraging for food, join revered archaeologist Donald Janzen on a 10,000-year journey to explore prehistoric Native American life in the Falls of the Ohio River region. With a variety of illustrations and artifacts, Unearthing the Past provides compelling revelations about what lies beneath the streets and subdivisions of our 21st century hometown.
Unexpected Inheritance
Kentucky Monthly magazine publisher Stephen M. Vest offers readers a unique and nostalgic collection of family tales. Through a series of real-life vignettes exploring the relationships within his own feisty, fascinating family, Vest uncovers the many values, traits, and life lessons — often unexpected — that he inherited from his older parents, domineering grandmother, and other colorful characters who influenced his life.
Unpacking for the Journey
In this gentle and contemplative volume, Father Jerry Eifler continues his exploration of spiritual issues with a new compilation of essays and homilies about the journey from birth to death—and what we should leave behind as we go. Includes a foreword by Dr. Paul J. Weber.
Vineyard to Table: Cooking with Kentucky Wine
Do you enjoy wine? Do you love to cook? Have you ever considered cooking with wine but were afraid to try it? This book features 69 original recipes, each incorporating a Kentucky wine, that will guide you as you take the plunge into choosing and cooking with a perfectly-paired regional wine.
The Virtue of Uncertainty: Looking for Evidence in Religion
Author Eugene Moutoux examines Christianity's origin, its purported revelations, its sacred book, its moral principles, its doctrines, its theology, its history, and its effects on society. The purpose of the book is to show that religious certainty flies in the face of evidence and rational thought, and that doubt ought to be a sine qua non for Christians.
Walk In Love: Transform Your Marriage With God's Word
Transform your marriage with Walk in Love. Each chapter is paired with practical ideas to better your marriage through the use of God's word. Walk in Love is designed to help you reflect on the state of your marriage and take action to enhance it.
Water Works: 150 Years of Louisville Water Company
As Louisville Water Company celebrates its 150th anniversary, this keepsake coffee-table book explores the company's complete history through historic photographs and rich stories from the company's archives. Since 1860, Louisville Water Company has pioneered research into cleaning drinking water, built landmark structures and become a life-line for the city's population. It provided street "sprinklers" in the 1800s, a swimming pool in the 1920s, a silent movie in the 1930s and a "victory garden" in the 1940s. Here you'll discover how Louisville's history has been shaped by the history of its water works.
We All Count
This colorful, imaginative and inspiring book teaches kids counting, and so much more! An engaging and enlightening way for children to learn values and life lessons while they are learning their numbers and how to count.
We Must Remember: The Vietnam War Service of Men from Nelson County, Kentucky
Nelson County, Kentucky, which includes the city of Bardstown, suffered more battle deaths per population in the Vietnam War than any other county in America. In this book, co-authors Harry Spalding and Don Parrish share the service records and stories of many brave Nelson County citizens who served valiantly in all branches of the military during the Vietnam War.
Welcome to Your 50s!
Choose to be 50 and fabulous! Author Jill Jones's fun, lighthearted book shares frank and funny tips and tools for how to take control of the big changes and surprises that may be coming your way in "midlife."
Where the River Birches Beckon
This new work of historical fiction from author Fred Schloemer explores life in Kentucky during the buildup to the Civil War. In it, Sarah Brinley is a plain spinster from Pittsburgh, recently impoverished by the death of her abolitionist parents. Desperate for work, she accepts a post as governess for the son of a wealthy Kentucky planter – but once there, she finds the job, the plantation, and its people far from what she expected. Where the River Birches Beckon puts a fresh and romantic spin on actual events and people in a suspenseful tale of love, loss, courage, and loyalty.
Who Pardoned Accountability?: How to "Unleash" Accountability in Your Organization
The coauthor of the successful business book, Who Killed Change?, turns his attention to another victim found in all kinds of businesses: Accountability. How can we increase accountability in our organizations and decrease the frustrations of our employees? That's what you will learn in this witty whodunit in which an important Change has died and Accountability is arrested and accused of involuntary manslaughter.
A Wine Lover's Odyssey Across Kentucky
As the first book devoted to Kentucky wine and its wineries, this full-color volume takes readers on a tour of Kentucky to visit thirty-four of the state's wineries, to explore the history of wine in Kentucky, and to discover the grape varieties that make their favorite wines so enjoyable. It's "a five-star guide to Kentucky wines for everyone from the amateur socialite to the most avid wine enthusiast."
The Wonder Team: The Centre College Praying Colonels and Their Rise to the Top of the Football World, 1917&ndash;1924
In the years after World War I, Centre College's "Praying Colonels" were the most famous and publicized college football team ever to play the game. Competing all over the country and beating all the major powers of the day, they achieved enormous acclaim as "The Wonder Team," a group of talented and colorful young men who put Centre, and the little town of Danville, Kentucky, on the map. Includes over 250 color photographs.
The Word of God... with a Twist
Fr. Larry Hehman has facilitated a divine conversation by preaching The Word and providing moments that encourage everyone to listen deeply beyond his words, consider mysteries beyond human understanding, and become more and more aware of God's own voice and presence in a dialogue that can only be understood by grace.
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