My Mom, the Lawyer

My Mom, the Lawyer
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Book Summary

By Michelle Browning Coughlin, JD, MSW
9 x 8 inches
48 pages
Full-color throughout
ISBN 978-1-941953-94-5
Pub date: November 2019
Children's Nonfiction

Is your mom a lawyer? Do you know about the different jobs lawyers do? Read along as kids tell you about their inspiring lawyer-moms.

My Mom, the Lawyer is sure to be a treasured favorite and a great gift for the lawyer-moms and aspiring women lawyers in your life!

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"I've dedicated this book to my two wonderful daughters (who tagged along to law school with me!) and to all the lawyers of MothersEsquire. For all the lawyer-moms who work tirelessly as advocates for the rights of others, this book is for you. Simultaneously, these fierce leaders are raising the next generation of humans, either alone or with help from a partner or a village of family and friends. This book is dedicated to the mom-lawyers who found the legal profession filled with bias against mothers and ultimately took a different path, for now or forever. I dedicate this book to our military lawyers and their spouses, both men and women, who often must move from state to state or country to country. And, for the men who use their voices to ask for paternity leave, demand pay equality for their colleagues, and seek to be co-equal parents, thank you. And, of course, this book is for our most Honorable RBG, who lit the path and led the way."

—Michelle Browning Coughlin, JD, MSW

About the Author

Michelle Browning Coughlin is a mother of two daughters and a partner in a law firm in Louisville, Kentucky, practicing intellectual property and data privacy law. Michelle is the founder of MothersEsquire, a nonprofit organization devoted to gender equity in the legal profession, with a particular emphasis on support and advocacy for mothers and other caregiving lawyers. For more information about MothersEsquire, visit

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