Lonnie & Twyla Money: 50 Years of Kentucky Appalachian Folk Art

Lonnie & Twyla Money: 50 Years of Kentucky Appalachian Folk Art
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Book Summary

Written by Karen Abney
Photography by Rowland Egerton
160 full-color pages
10 x 10 inches
ISBN 978-1-953058-71-3
Published March 2023
Art / Folk Art

Lonnie & Twyla Money: 50 Years of Kentucky Appalachian Folk Art is the story of two iconic Kentucky artists who have not only been making highly regarded folk art pieces for nearly 50 years, but who have helped to shape this unique Appalachian art form.


"Lonnie and Twyla Money twine their talents to create work that first makes you smile and then boggles your mind as you take in the fullness and depth of their accomplishment. How fortunate we are to have this book to document their way in the world."

"The Moneys are genuine and extraordinary folk artists with outstanding craftsmanship of designing, carving, and painting."

"It is fitting that these two farmers-turned-folk artists are celebrated with a book that documents their nearly 50 years of creativity."

About the Author and Designer: Karen Abney

Karen Abney grew up in the Ohio River Valley and has since traveled extensively, led by a natural curiosity and desire to seek out beautiful things. Kentucky has been her adopted home for nearly 40 years—familiar because of her Appalachian heritage, and enjoyed for its natural beauty.

Karen has been a designer since creating her first logo at age eight. An early love of letters led her to a career in Graphic Design, which evolved into work in Marketing, Environmental Graphic Design, Wayfinding and Signage Design, and Digital User Experience Design. She has won numerous awards for her work in each category.

An accomplished painter, fiber artist, and photographer, she has exhibited at several galleries across the region. She enjoys spending time hiking, kayaking, and traveling with her sons, Kyle and Alex Huninghake.

About the Photographer: Rowland Egerton

Rowland Egerton is a native Kentuckian who has been a professional photographer for more than 30 years. His award-winning images have been published in numerous annual reports, including Churchill Downs. His photographs have been featured many times as LOUISVILLE magazine covers. Rowland has also exhibited at several regional galleries.

Rowland co-owned Hellfire Rigging LLC, a grip and rigging business in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company is credited with more than 60 film and television productions, including Mudbound, Free State of Jones, and Best Picture Oscar winner, 12 Years a Slave.

Rowland lives in his ancestral home, built in 1872, in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, with his wife Ellen. In addition to photography, his interests include cooking, gardening, landscaping, and renovating his home.

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