Riverside: The Unfolding Story: A 25th Anniversary Publication

Riverside: The Unfolding Story: A 25th Anniversary Publication
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By Patti Linn
8 x 10 inches
176 pages
Full color throughout
ISBN 978-1-941953-71-6
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From a scandalous double murder involving a prominent Kentucky family to the story of a forgotten soldier, Riverside: The Unfolding Story reveals the compelling history of a 300-acre Ohio River farm in southwest Louisville. Published for the 25th anniversary of Riverside's opening, this book explores the fascinating story of a place that embraces ongoing research and public engagement.

"In the past quarter century, Riverside's staff and community partners have continued to explore the site's history through active archaeological and historical research. I hope your exploration of this historic site through the pages of Riverside: The Unfolding Story leads you to appreciate the power of place — and the stories that connect us to the past and to one another."

—Honorable Greg E. Fischer, Mayor, Louisville, Kentucky

"The historic Farnsley-Moremen Landing is a breathtaking testament not only to life along the Ohio River but to the importance of taking care of our treasures from the past that will be forever lost without our care. Southwest Louisville residents not only visit this historic site and include it in our lives, but we protect it to keep it a living legacy."

—Dawne Gee, WAVE-TV Anchor and Southwest Louisville resident

"A visit to an old home that has been tenderly cared for makes us listen. These ancient walls and surrounding lands can talk. Listen for the steamboat whistles announcing arrivals and departures at Riverside's front door. Listen for the voices of the exploiters and exploited all laboring to make this rich land yield its bounty. That old house has had to have been resilient to have held on to that riverbank for over 175 years. Now, this place is a laboratory for the discovery and telling of life here. This old house gives voice to those who peopled this place."

—Tom Owen, historian and Associate Archivist, University of Louisville

About the Author

Patti Linn has served as site manager of Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing, since 1994. She earned a B.A. in history from Murray State University and an M.A.T. in history from the University of Louisville. Before coming to Riverside, Linn worked as a public school teacher in Cincinnati and then as education coordinator for the Portland Museum in Louisville. In addition to writing several other publications, Linn co-authored the first book about the property, Riverside: The Restoration of a Way of Life: Exploring the History of a Nineteenth Century Farm on the Ohio River, with Donna M. Neary in 1998.

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