The Influential People of Bardstown

The Influential People of Bardstown
Item# BB427

Book Summary

Foster Heights K/1 Gift Project
Foster Heights Elementary School
2021-2022 Kindergarten and First Grade Classes
Pictures and Words by Foster Heights
Elementary Kindergarteners and 1st Graders
8 x 10 inches
28 full-color pages

Publishing and selling this book is our kindergarten and first grade students' imaginative way to connect a local nursing home to our community at a time when it has been difficult to make in-person connections.

Our vision for this book came to life after our students learned about a variety of people and places in our local community.

By exploring how our stories could connect people through literature, our students decided that they would write a book about five influential people in Bardstown, then share their stories with residents of a local nursing home to connect people in the Bardstown community.

We hope you enjoy their book, The Influential People of Bardstown.

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