Grandfather's Pocket Watch

Grandfather's Pocket Watch
Item# BB393

Book Summary

By Betty Southard Stokes
Illustrated by Emry Quinn
64 pages
11 x 8.5 inches
ISBN 978-1-941953-97-6
Published June 2020

"Family is not a small thing. It is everything!
Our family is the framework for our introduction to the world.
Our parents are the first to hold us when we show our light to the universe.
And grandparents give off a special light.
They taught our parents how to nurture and love."

Author Betty Southard Stokes believes that a healthy family "teaches us right from wrong, endows us with compassion, and gives us generous hearts." Her latest book, Grandfather's Pocket Watch, captures treasured memories of special moments she spent with her maternal grandparents as she was growing up, and shares the story of a special gift her grandmother presented to her when her grandfather passed away. Stokes has dedicated this book to her family: "I am grateful to my parents and grandparents, who made me who I am and who will always mean everything to me."

About the Author

Betty Southard Stokes was born in Kentucky. She is a longtime educator with more than 36 years of experience in public and private schools as a teacher and administrator. Betty's interest in Kentucky history inspired her work as an author of children's literature. Her current books are:

Betty's efforts have been recognized by the Council of Social Studies Teachers in 1985, KET's Education Notebook in 1987, Kentucky Environmental Education Association in 1988, National Education Association in 1989, KET's Inside Kentucky in 2002, and Leadership Louisville and the Kentucky Historical Society in 2010. Betty was honored as a Kentucky Colonel in 2014. See her blog at

About the Illustrator

Emry Quinn, also born in Kentucky, is a mother of three and grandmother of one. Emry has drawn and painted all her life. For more than 40 years, she used her creative skills in the floral industry, as a book and greeting card illustrator, and at a local day care. All her spare time is devoted to creating in various forms. She loves to draw, paint, laugh, and visit a spell.

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