The Cabal Legacy

The Cabal Legacy
Item# BB414

Book Summary

By GT Hawkins
6 x 9 inches
326 pages
ISBN 978-1-953058-35-5
Published October 2021
Fiction / Espionage
Fiction / Action & Adventure

Book 3 – the finale of the Lake House Cabal trilogy!

Chip Rogers and Marci Tanner are back in Florida, enjoying an idyllic life on Chipís charter boat. They think they have left the espionage world behind after bringing the Lake House Cabal to its knees.

But then Mossad captures international assassins Katrina and Ilya Popov, and the CIA needs Chip and Marci to uncover the plot behind the Popovsí killing of an informant who knew too much.

Now, from jet fighter clashes in the skies to submarine standoffs below the ice, the Russians are making their play to control Arctic shipping lanes and military installations by any means necessary.

Chip and Marci must put their skills to the test and their lives on the line to end this dangerous game at the top of the world.

About the Author

GT Hawkins resides with his wife Alice in Prospect, Kentucky. He has an undergraduate degree from Indiana University and a law degree from the University of Louisville. His career was primarily in management, first with McDonnell Douglas, during which he traveled the world for over a decade, then with General Electric.

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