Walk In Love: Transform Your Marriage With God's Word

Walk In Love: Transform Your Marriage With God's Word
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Book Summary

By Antria Goss
6 x 9 inches
80 pages
ISBN 978-1-935497-99-8
Published June 2020
Relationships / Marriage

Transform your marriage with Walk in Love. Each chapter is paired with practical ideas to better your marriage through the use of God's word. Walk in Love is designed to help you reflect on the state of your marriage and take action to enhance it.

About the Author

Antria GossAntria Goss is a qualified elementary school teacher and holds a master's degree in education with a focus in pre-primary and primary Montessori curriculum. She is a firm believer in being educated in all areas of one's life. She has been a follower of Christ for all of her adult life and is dedicated to deepening her relationship with God and promoting that relationship within others. Her background as an educator provides the perfect foundation for Christian education. Goss's mission is to encourage and educate married couples and those considering marriage through the use of God's word, the Holy Bible, in order to create healthy, loving relationships that can positively affect our children, churches, and communities. Goss lives with her husband, William, and children in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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