The Mystery of Hank's Woods

The Mystery of Hank's Woods
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Book Summary

By Winfrey P. Blackburn Jr.
Illustrated by Sylvia Jannett Berger
8 x 10 inches
40 pages
Full color throughout
ISBN 978-1-935497-34-9
Published September 2020
Carton qty: 38

Hank lives with his mother and father in a log cabin at the edge of a large woods. Since he doesn't have a brother, sister, computer, or video games to play, he spends many lazy days exploring the woods. Hank talks to the animals and even the trees, and he imagines they talk to him. Hank loves them and believes they are his friends.

One day, Hanks hears a strange noise. As he strolls along the path, he meets his animal and tree friends and follows the strange sound to an abandoned mansion deep in the woods. With a bit of courage, he treads up a spiral staircase into a dark bedroom. There he discovers the source of the mysterious sound.

About the Author

Winfrey P. Blackburn Jr. grew up in Frankfort, Kentucky, in a family that never hesitated to embellish a tall tale. He majored in English at the University of Virginia and graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1964. He has practiced law in Louisville, Kentucky, since 1965. He wrote Putney: A Little Pumpkin with Big Ideas, Rodney the Lightning Bug and the Golden Medallion, and The Mystery of Hank's Woods, and coauthored The Kentucky Houses of Stratton Hammon and Country Houses of Louisville, 1899 to 1939, with R. Scott Gill. He currently lives in Louisville.

About the Illustrator

Sylvia Jannett Berger was born in Hamilton, Ontario. She received her undergraduate degree in fine arts (painting and graphic design) from the University of Louisville in 1983. She also received the Winthrop Allen award for outstanding work as a graduating senior. Her paintings were shown in the Louisville area. She is a constant doodler and has turned to hand-illustrating children's books. She illustrated Putney: A Little Pumpkin with Big Ideas; Rodney the Lightning Bug and the Golden Medallion; The Adventures of Sid, a Cirpal; Damsel the Daring Doer Dances the Derby; and The Mystery of Hank's Woods. She currently lives in Florida.

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