A Life's Journey Outdoors

A Life's Journey Outdoors
Item# BB418

Book Summary

By Mark Reese
6 x 9 inches
524 pages
ISBN 978-1-953058-38-6
Pub date October 2021
Nature / Essays
Personal Memoir

“For years now, Mark Reese has been entertaining Citizen Voice and Times readers with columns about his most beloved pastimes – hunting, fishing, and observing nature in all its wonder. Whether he’s hunting or wading streams, Mark writes poetically of his forays into fields, forests, and waterways. He persistently nudges others to get outside and discover the world he so appreciates. Mark is an avid bird hunter, and he writes often of the heartwarming bonds he has formed with the hunting dogs who share his adventures.

“For those who share his love of the outdoors, you’ll find yourself nodding your head in agreement. For those who are curious to experience nature, you’ll be informed and inspired. For those who can’t get away often, you’ll enjoy from your armchair this collection of Mark’s reflections on the fascinating natural world.”

“Hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, trapping, and boating are a wonderful and vital part of Kentucky’s rich natural heritage. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife will always strive to make sure our fish and wildlife resources are healthy and sustainable, and that abundant opportunities to enjoy them are available to everyone. I appreciate the contributions that Mark Reese has made over many years to these ends, and hope that his writing will continue to spur on many more outdoor enthusiasts to appreciate and invest in these resources and opportunities that we mutually cherish for many years to come.”

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