And They Said It Couldn't Be Done: Transforming a School District into a Learning Organization

And They Said It Couldn't Be Done: Transforming a School District into a Learning Organization
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By Stephen Daeschner, Ph.D.
8 x 10
160 pages
ISBN 978-1-935497-84-4
Pub Date: April 2014
Education / Policy & Reform

This inspiring and informative book reveals the strategies, tools, and culture that completely transformed the Greater Clark County Indiana School District, with 10,600 students in 19 schools, over a three-year period, increasing its student achievement scores in literacy by 26% and in mathematics by 35%.


This is a story of educators who challenged everything they thought they know about teaching — and accepted the notion that what they did know was fundamentally insufficient if different outcomes were ever to emerge.

—David D. Page, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Education and Program Chair, Bellarmine University

In three years, our high school's 2,100 students increased their achievement on end-of-course state exams in English 10 by 32%, Algebra I by 22%, and Biology by 117%. Our number of advanced placement students increased by 116%, the number of students achieving a score of three or better on their advanced placement tests increased by 185%, and our graduation rate went from 77% to 87%.

—Jim Sexton, High school principal for 28 years

Over a three-year period, our district's special education population (16%) increased its achievement by 76% in literacy and 75% in mathematics. This is the largest increase I have experienced in my career.

—Ann Schnepf, Executive Director for Special Services for 28 years, Greater Clark County School District

I've been an elementary school principal for 23 years and did not believe it was possible for my school, which has an 84% free and reduced lunch rate and which is 40% Hispanic, to increase student achievement by 22% in literacy and 36% in mathematics over three years.

—Janice Korfhage, Elementary school principal for 23 Years

I have been an educator for 24 years and an elementary school principal in this district for 13 years. We increased our school's mathematics achievement by 37% over three years. This is the most exciting educational experience of my life.

—Michelle Dyer, Elementary school principal for 13 years

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