The Bug on a Rug Who Needed a Hug

The Bug on a Rug Who Needed a Hug
Item# BB408

Book Summary

By Sissie Fisher
Illustrated by Feryn Summers
9 x 9 inches
32 pages
Full color throughout
ISBN 978-1-953058-21-8
Published July 2021
Children's Fiction

When Billy the Bug got into trouble for tracking mud onto his mother's clean rug, he felt bad about doing it, but mostly felt sorry for himself. To try to feel better, Billy set out to get a hug from his many farm friends – Sam the ram, Gwen the hen, Mig the pig, and Milly the filly – none of whom could give him the hug he was seeking. As the day grew dark, Billy became lost and afraid. When his mother finally found him, he realized he could always find all the hugs he would ever need right there at home, from his mother.

About the Author

Dorothy Celeste Wolfe Fisher

D. Celeste “Sissie” Fisher has enjoyed creative writing since her youth. During World War II, teenage Sissie Wolfe wrote poems as a way of coping with the emotions of war. When one of her poems won a contest and was published, Sissie began dreaming of one day becoming an author of children’s books.

As life went on, marriage and family became Sissie’s priority, pushing her writing into the background. When grandchildren came along, she started creating stories to entertain them, eventually taking a children’s literature course that prompted her turning her stories into potential children’s books.

As a widow in her 80s, Sissie began working on her stories. Her first book, Three for Dinner, was published in 2016, when she was 86 years old. Now, at 91, she is publishing this second book, The Bug on a Rug Who Needed a Hug. Sissie is living proof that with perseverance and hard work, it is never too late to see your dreams come true.

About the Illustrator

Feryn Summers grew up on a farm with four brothers and four sisters. Her parents kept them busy from sunrise to sunset, caring for the animals, planting, harvesting, and mending whatever got broken or torn. Everything about living on the farm was fascinating, and Feryn found lots of subjects to draw and paint, just for fun. She decided to become an artist and, after completing her studies at Morehead State University, she became an art teacher in the Jefferson County school system in Louisville, Kentucky.

When Rev. William E. Summers III and Feryn got married, they moved into Sissie’s neighborhood. When Sissie found out Feryn was an artist, she asked Feryn to illustrate her first book, Three for Dinner, then this second book, The Bug on a Rug Who Needed a Hug.

The magic of making Sissie’s stories into visual images has been Feryn’s joy. She loves that Sissie is full of stories and is looking forward to seeing how far their partnership will take them.

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