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Kentucky's First Senator: The Life and Times of John Brown - 1757-1837
The first full biography of John Brown, Kentucky's first US Senator in the era of the thirteen colonies. This handsome hardcover volume offers a keen analysis of the major issues and personalities of the time, a fully-realized portrait of the man, and vivid details about the new state and nation he dedicated his life to building.
The Enlightenment of Gotham: How Four Men Transformed New York City at the Start of the 19th Century
Beginning in 1802, four men – DeWitt Clinton, Samuel Latham Mitchill, David Hosack, and John Pintard – designed four temples of wisdom and a garden, which together embodied art, science, literature, philosophy, and history. These men set out to make New York a "first city" in every sense of the term, to capture the ethos of the Enlightenment, and, in so doing, to enlighten the citizens of Gotham.
Bert Combs: The Fern Hill Years
On the threshold of what he thought were his twilight years, Bert Combs, legendary lawyer, judge, and former Kentucky governor, met Sara Walter, and suddenly he began writing a whole new chapter of his life. Sara and Bert loved the mountains of Eastern Kentucky almost as much as they loved each other, and they set off for the mountains to build a life together and begin the adventure of a lifetime. At the heart of it all was Fern Hill, the home they built, Bertís dream-come-true. From his desk at Fern Hill, Combs filed the lawsuit that shook school reform to its roots, changing forever the face of education in Kentucky. In this poignant memoir, Sara Combs fulfills her last promise to Bert: to tell the tale of the treasured years they spent together at Fern Hill.
Reflection and Choice: The Federalists, the Anti-Federalists, and the Debate that Defined America
Presenting all 85 Federalist Papers alongside over 40 Anti-Federalist writings and thoughtful contemporary analysis, this single volume embodies the essence of the great debates that roiled American public life at the end of the 1780s – and demonstrates how those issues are still alive in the challenges of the 21st century.
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Behind the Crimson Curtain: The Rise and Fall of Peale's Museum
In 1786, Charles Willson Peale created the most important, and most famous, museum in Revolutionary-era America. A fusion of natural history and art, Peale's Philadelphia Museum was meant to be an embodiment of the Enlightenment. Behind the Crimson Curtain provides a unique window into science, art, and the Enlightenment in early America, and how these fed the appetites of a public hungry for "rational entertainment."
My Mom, the Lawyer
Is your mom a lawyer? Do you know about the different jobs lawyers do? Read along as kids tell you about their inspiring lawyer-moms. This book is sure to be a treasured favorite and a great gift for the lawyer-moms and aspiring women lawyers in your life!
Through Colored Glasses: How Great Leaders Reveal Reality
In this book on leadership, author Tom Harper spins a Biblical leadership fable full of twists and confrontations as employees try to save their company — and themselves. The book also includes scripture-based lessons to help leaders unlock reality in their own organizations.
America: The Founders' Vision
What did our country's Founders really say — about liberty, democracy, the role of states, the military, equal protection under the law, First Amendment rights, and more? Read their original words from the Federalist Papers, the National Archives, various presidential libraries, and other sources.
Political Quickstep: The Life of Kentucky's Colonel Charles S. Todd
This biography explores the life of Charles S. Todd, a patriotic Whig gentleman, farmer, father, lawyer, and army colonel who served in the War of 1812 and later became a political agent, ambassador, and champion of the cultural and industrial revolutions in 19th-century America. Todd's evolution reflects a turbulent time in America, when social and class distinctions were upended, new lands were opened to settlement, and the Civil War ended slavery and the plantation lifestyle to which Todd had been born.
Dark Highway: Love, Murder, and Revenge in 1930s' Kentucky
Dark Highway is the true story of a well-liked and beautiful widow, a powerful state politician, and two murders that shocked Kentucky and received international attention in 1936 and 1937. Kentucky attorney Ann DAngelo spent six years researching the case to craft this haunting tale of love, murder, and revenge.
Buy or Lease Your Next Vehicle? The 2015 Authoritative Financial/Tax Guide
With ever-changing and more complex tax laws, as well as the many purchasing and leasing options available in the market today, deciding whether your business should buy or lease a vehicle may not be obvious, and the wrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars. Author and tax expert Robert Leidgen provides a comprehensive look at all the factors that matter in the year 2015.
A Courthouse Tragedy: Politics, Murder, and Redemption in a Small Kentucky Town
Former judge Sid Easley rescues the true tale of Sheriff John T. Roach's murder by his friend and fellow deputy Sam Galloway from obscurity, and illuminates the circumstances and personalities behind this dramatic story that shook a small Western Kentucky town.
"The Stile of This Confederacy...
In this full-color, coffee-table anthology of American history from the Mayflower Compact to the present day, readers can learn about the struggle for Independence, the arguments over Constitutional ratification, slavery and Civil War, westward expansion, America's evolving role in world affairs, and the continuing march toward a more pluralistic society.
Money Follows Excellence
Based on his own remarkable career, Bill Lamb has written a lively, readable, believable, and truly vital book for managers at all levels in enterprises of all types and sizes. In this instructive and insightful new book, Lamb suggests that managers, if they hope to be successful, must ground their organization's core principles in a solid foundation and ensure, always, that excellence comes first.
Who Pardoned Accountability?: How to "Unleash" Accountability in Your Organization
The coauthor of the successful business book, Who Killed Change?, turns his attention to another victim found in all kinds of businesses: Accountability. How can we increase accountability in our organizations and decrease the frustrations of our employees? That's what you will learn in this witty whodunit in which an important Change has died and Accountability is arrested and accused of involuntary manslaughter.
The Senate: Great Forum of Constitutional Liberty
Former U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) served in the Senate longer than any other man in U.S. history. In this slim volume, he discusses some of the lessons he learned during his time in the Senate, and makes a strong call to defend the institution in the 21st century. It is an instructive volume on the origins, evolution, and current functioning of the U.S. Senate.
Hero Tales from American History
In 1895, Henry Cabot Lodge and Theodore Roosevelt published 26 of their favorite stories of American heroism, courage under fire, self-sacrifice, and battles that helped shape America. This is an accurate reprint of those tales aimed at a new generation of American youth, to inspire them to learn more of our history and encourage their own acts of heroism.
America's Forgotten Founders
Surveying the top scholars in the fields of history, political science and law, Gary L. Gregg and Mark David Hall have composed the first-ever ranking of the most important and most forgotten contributors to the American Revolution and the creation of the constitutional order that has made America what it is today. Inside you'll find engaging short biographies of the top ten members of the founding generation who are often overlooked but deserve to be remembered.
Books and the Founding Fathers
Historian, scholar and lecturer George H. Nash's selective bibliography of books that inspired and influenced the ideas, ideologies and personal lives of America's Founding Fathers.
Kentucky Lawyers Speak: Oral History From Those Who Lived It
Seventy-four lawyers reflect on their lifetimes of experience and insight working in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. For law students and students of history, this is an invaluable collection of one-on-one interviews with senior members of the Kentucky Bar, who have left indelible marks on the legal profession in Kentucky.
Brandeis at 150: The Louisville Perspective
In this commemorative volume, the University of Louisville's Brandeis School of Law salutes Justice Louis D. Brandeis's life and career and explores his lifelong connection to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.
From the Panama Canal to Elkhorn Creek
In his autobiography, Judge John S. Palmore writes about his rich and varied life, from high school and World War II through his position as chief justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court, with the wit and good humor for which he is well known.
Passing the Torch: Lessons Learned, Wisdom Shared
Through candid stories and personal recollections, 54 of Louisville's most influential leaders reveal a lifetime of wisdom and insight, along with lessons they have learned over the years, as they prepare to "pass the torch" to the next generation of Louisville leaders.
The Power of Ideas, Volume II: The University of Louisville Grawemeyer Awards
Rather than living luxuriously, Louisville industrialist and philanthropist H. Charles Grawemeyer wanted to use his wealth to, in his words, "help make the world a better place." In 1984 he endowed the Grawemeyer Awards, a series of awards established to pay homage to creativity and genius in areas of human endeavor too much ignored by other awards: in Music, Political Science, Education, Religion and Psychology. The Power of Ideas is the second volume in commemoration of these awards and their recipients—picking up where the first volume left off, in 1997, to showcase the last 10 years of profound innovations.
Ethical Business Relationships
Louisville businessman Lee B. Thomas, Jr. discusses the Quaker-based philosophy that has guided his personal life and business career at several large, successful companies. Through a series of case studies and personal experiences, Thomas illustrates the value of—the need for—a strict ethical code in today's business climate.
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