Food, Fashion, Fun and Friendship: Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

Food, Fashion, Fun and Friendship: Your Daily Dose of Inspiration
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Book Summary

By Chris Fulkerson
6 x 9 inches
222 pages
ISBN 978-1-941953-96-9
Pub date January 2020
Motivational & Inspirational

Chris Fulkerson loves F words. She talks about them every day. Her favorites are food, fashion, fun, and friendship. She is passionate about giving women the tools to enjoy life more through good food, good fashion, strong female friendships, and good old-fashioned fun. The only way to change your life is to change your choices. What you wear and eat, who your friends are, and whether you take time for fun are choices that help you create your personal dream. Learn more about Chris and her F words at


Following a diet based on real (not processed) food may be one of the most important things you can do to maintain a high quality of life. Whole food nutrition allows you to look and feel your best from the inside out.


What you wear tells a story. What story are you telling right now? One of confidence, empowerment, success, creativity? How we dress on the outside is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves on the inside. What you wear is your business card. Playing dress up starts around the age of five and truly never ends. Clothing is very powerful.


Life is a lot better through the lens of FUN! So why don't we have more of it? Have you forgotten how? Life in the way? Fun reduces stress, balances hormone levels, makes you energetic and youthful and improves your relationships.


Women thrive on strong female relationships. They are our emotional support system. It's our outlet to share problems, thoughts, feelings and triumphs. Powerful friendships lift us up and support us. There is nothing like girlfriends.


"When my mom told me that she had decided to write a book to inspire women and their girlfriends, it did not surprise me at all. In fact, this felt par for the course. Not only does energy and passion seem to flow through my mom at all times, but she is someone I have watched bring creative ideas into existence time and time again. While I have witnessed her engage with inspirational projects all of my life, this was the most intimately connected I have been to her process as I took on the role of editor. I will be honest: receiving an influx of emails regularly was overwhelming at times. The part of me that loves lists (courtesy of Chris Fulkerson) and checking things off of them frequently thought 'How is this ever going to get finished?' And while it is true that a lot of time and energy was spent reviewing these 365 messages to her friends, what I gained through this process is invaluable. To feel intimately connected to my mom's thoughts, beliefs, passions, and values was nothing short of a gift. The depth in which this woman holds her friendships has never been more obvious to me. Her whole self is given in the service of providing positivity to those she loves. I am so proud of her for following through with something that scared her. My mom's actions match her words, and that genuine, consistent integrity feels quite rare to me. I felt moved, inspired, motivated, and loved while reading these pages. I have no doubt that anyone who reads these words will have the honor of experiencing the same. Cheers!"

—Hannah Fulkerson

"Something amazing happened this year. My relationship with my mother, the one-of-a-kind Barbie — I mean Chris Fulkerson, shifted from just 'this is my mom' to also 'this is one of my best friends.' I don't know if it's because all of the lessons she taught me growing up are actually proving themselves true: 'What you think about, you bring about,' 'Dress the way you want to be addressed,' 'Age is only a number' (and the list goes on). I think what really happened is seeing my mom in the same light in which her girlfriends see her: the passionate, energetic, fun, giving, thoughtful, intuitive, beautiful woman that she is. I mean, the woman knows how to laugh at herself in any situation (typically when she's dealing with technology, but that's another story), and I think that's one of the most beautiful lessons one can learn and pass on. This book is authentically Chris Fulkerson through and through, speaking from the heart and genuinely wanting to share with the ones she loves the gold mine of lessons and wisdom she's collected over the years (and trust me, she's literally collected them — her piles of notebooks speak for themselves). I feel so fortunate to have played a part in designing this book alongside my mom. The lessons here are timeless and the messages are invaluable. I hope you'll enjoy reading this with a cup of coffee, fruit-infused water, or a glass of wine in hand. Because life is too short to not do the things that make you happy (lesson #579 from Chris Fulkerson).

—Sydney Fulkerson

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