Gerald Stuart Baron | Architect

Gerald Stuart Baron | Architect
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Book Summary

By Linda Saag Baker
Designed by Debbie Saag
12 x 9 inches
176 full-color pages
ISBN 978-1-953058-78-2
Published September 2023
ARC006000 / Architecture

If a contemporary home with walls of glass, natural wood, and irregular angles grabs your attention on a drive through Louisville, Kentucky, it may well have been conceived by Gerald Baron.

Over a career spanning six decades, Gerald designed dozens of homes, mostly in Louisville, and numerous distinctive commercial and public structures. At a time when many Louisvillians preferred traditional designs, Gerald pursued his own aesthetic, combining influences from both Japan and Frank Lloyd Wright with his own practical sense for form and function. In addition to his recognizable exteriors, on the inside his inventive use of curved walls, multi-level living and dining spaces, spiral staircases, free-standing stone fireplaces, creatively outfitted kitchens, and expansive windows welcoming the outside in, set Gerald Baron homes apart.

Gerald’s niece Linda Baker has written this beautifully photographed book to ensure that Gerald’s distinguished and prolific architectural career is documented and remembered. In the course of her research, with Gerald as her guide, Linda visited and photographed many of the homes herself, whose owners graciously opened their doors and agreed to have their homes included in this tribute. Those homes today are as timelessly stylish as when they were first designed. Linda’s sister-in-law, also Gerald’s niece by marriage, Debbie Saag, provided the book’s stunning graphic design.

About the Author

Linda Saag Baker grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, where she had a front-row view of her Uncle Gerald’s developing career. While now a long-time Californian, she has returned frequently to visit Kentucky family, including many gatherings at the Baron home featured on the cover. Following a career as an educational therapist and raising three sons, she now has time for photography, family history projects, and grandchildren. She lives with her husband, Mike, in Berkeley, California.

About the Book Designer

Debbie Saag is a veteran graphic designer, having a freelance practice for the past 33 years. Prior to that, she served as senior art director at Doner Advertising, working in print and television. She is also a certified yoga instructor and taught in various locations from 2000-2020. Debbie resides in Detroit, Michigan, with her husband, John.

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