Ghosts of Blackberry Holler

Ghosts of Blackberry Holler
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Book Summary

“I felt I was a good man, and this war was no place for good men.”
By C. W. Shumate
6 x 9 inches
232 pages
ISBN 978-1-953058-44-7
Published January 2022
FICTION / Historical

As news of the Civil War reaches his rural Kentucky home, Harper Hunt forfeits peaceful solitude of family life to join the Union Army, where his strength and courage soon have him leading a decorated cavalry unit. Eventually, though, blight of war overtaxes the young soldier, and military and personal losses cast him into the depths of self-destruction. But God uses broken people to rescue broken people, and soon Harper Hunt finds himself pulled from the ashes of the past by a one-time enemy.

Based on the real-life experiences of author C.W. Shumate's great-grandfather, Ghosts of Blackberry Holler is an exhilarating journey through American history and a stirring account of war and peace, triumph and defeat, hostility and friendship, love lost and found, and the elusive pursuit of unconditional redemption.

About the Author

C. W. "Cliff" Shumate was born in the late 1950s and grew up on a farm near Carlisle, Kentucky. Rural activities were highlighted by daily chores and interaction with humans, animals, and nature. Shumate is a graduate of Nicholas County Schools and earned an agriculture degree from Morehead State University. "Farming allowed the opportunity to exercise both my back and mind," says Shumate. "I was blessed by Kentucky farm life, which often included association with fascinating folks who sure could spin a yarn." Evenings were regularly enjoyed at a nearby country store with locals sharing cold sodas and a broad spectrum of tall tales. Shumate became hooked, and gained a strong affection for Kentucky folklore.

As fate dictated, Shumate departed the farm to pursue a business career, and over three decades traveled the world while maintaining a steady pace of writing traditional requisitions, memoranda, and legal correspondence. Following retirement from the corporate world, Shumate followed the urge to explore writing about endearing topics close to his heart. "Adventures that parallel my personal journey just bubble to the surface when I write," states the author.

The excitement of composing stories is a dream come true for Shumate, and his enthusiasm is contagious. "Books are more than just words and pictures ... they're filled with magical places to visit, and captivating characters to meet," says this Kentucky author, while describing the thrill felt when bringing a story to life. Shumate claims inspiration for most of his literary work is based upon a deep appreciation of four primary elements: animals, adventure, food, and folklore. Proud of his heritage, C. W. Shumate resides in a remote region of Kentucky, where he continues expansion of his writings, involvement in family textile operations, and production of award-winning C. W. SHUMATE® gourmet culinary products for the retail food market.

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