A Goat Named Vote

A Goat Named Vote
Item# BB399

Book Summary

By Gwyn Jones
Illustrated by Rachel Nguyen
Full color throughout
10 x 8 inches
32 pages
ISBN 978-1-953058-05-8
Pub date September 2020 Children's / Fiction

Vote is a goat with the same insecurities and self-doubts that humans have. Confronted with an injury that limits his physical activity and with obstacles to getting the care he needs to fix it, Vote has to find his new path forward. Can he somehow get the care he needs? Can one goat, with the help of a farmer and other goats in the herd, make a difference and be an agent of change? Can this one "kid" create a grassroots movement, engage in political and policy discourse, and advocate for action in the community, or will he go out to pasture and abandon the cause?

About the Author

Gwyn Jones was raised on a tiny farm in a tiny town in Southern Indiana, an experience that shaped her. It all started with a gift of a pygmy goat from her grandpa. Before she knew it, she had more than 100 goats and was learning about caring for farm animals, especially goats.

When she was not playing volleyball, she spent a lot of time working on the farm with her brother and dad, and they often had discussions about current events. This book intertwines those experiences.

Gwyn left the farm to attend Auburn University on a volleyball scholarship. She majored in marketing. After three years, she earned her bachelor of science in marketing and graduated with honors. During her time at Auburn, she was a three-year starter and two-time captain. Upon graduation, she enrolled at Marquette University on an athletic scholarship and earned her masterís in corporate communication, while starting for the top-20 Marquette volleyball team.

About the Illustrator

Rachel Nguyen is a creative, a writer, and an adventurer from the small town of Floyds Knobs, Indiana. She is a recent graduate from the University of South Florida and finished summa cum laude with a dual degree in global business and film studies. Rachel has a passion for exploring the world through travel, challenging herself with new experiences, staying active through dance, hiking, and yoga, and always seeking growth beyond her comfort zone. She continues to pursue art through music, drawing, and film.

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