Looking for Love Through Thicker Lenses: A Guide to Dating Later in Life

Looking for Love Through Thicker Lenses: A Guide to Dating Later in Life
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Book Summary

By Sharon P. S. Marx
5.5 x 7.5
104 pages
ISBN 978-1-935497-98-1
Pub date: November 2014
Family & Relationships / Dating

Are you an aging Cinderella or Cinderfella sitting at home, lamenting your fate, feeling older and alone? Fear not, graying friends. Your bespectacled fairy godmother has arrived to assist you.

At age 71, after years of research and personal transitions, author Sharon P. S. Marx dispels the myths and unlocks the mysteries about dating later in life. With wit, candor, and a lighthearted conversational style, Marx urges her contemporaries to get up, get off the computer, and get out into the real world, sharing specific steps that can lead to a personally gratifying relationship at any age.

Marx believes that companionship never grows old and that being alone is a choice, not a consequence of aging.

Her advice? "At any time in your life, you can make a new choice. And when you do, the results can be lovely."

About the Author

Sharon P. S. Marx (née Sharon Pearlman) was born and bred in Louisville, Kentucky, to which she has returned after having been well educated in Maryland and having enjoyed "a bunch of years" raising her three sons in the New York area. She would move again for a man who significantly stirs her heart. Sharon is 70-something and admits that she is "anticipating with glee" the possibility of one more long-lasting romantic relationship. "It's in the genes!"

"Always be in love, I remind myself, yes, definitely."---Gloria Vanderbilt, from her diary

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