Lovingly Yours, Lydia: The Diary and Correspondence of the Youngest Bennet Sister

Lovingly Yours, Lydia: The Diary and Correspondence of the Youngest Bennet Sister
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Book Summary

By Fred Schloemer
6 x 9 inches
168 pages
ISBN 978-1-941953-58-7
Pub date: September 2017
Fiction / Historical

Whatever happened to Lydia Bennett, the brash troublemaker from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice? Did she continue to wreak havoc with her impulsive ways? Or did married life help her settle down? Did she ever grow up and become the great lady she longed to be?

Lovingly Yours, Lydia lets us peek into her diary, her correspondence, and the letters of her friends and family. From the manor houses of Regency England, to the battlefields at Waterloo, Lydia is always in the thick of things.


"Fred Schloemer has managed to channel the spirit of Jane Austen, who would be well pleased with the flowering of Lydia, the youngest and most spoiled of the Bennett sisters. Fred picks up Lydia's story as readers are left to ponder if the impulsive child will be able to become the steady wife and matron her husband needs. Her story is sometimes torturous but always engaging." —Otis Amanda Dick, author, historian, actor, and storyteller

"A fun read, with wry humor and clever plot twists. Fred Schloemer definitely has a great gift for narrative." —David Williams, Author, editor, and curator of the Williams-Nichols Institute at University of Louisville

About the Author

Fred Schloemer, Ed.D., is a career psychotherapist, educator, and award-winning author based in Louisville, Kentucky. His book Parenting Adult Children: Real Stories of Families Turning Challenges into Successes, won a 2012 Nautilus Book Awards Silver Certificate, for books that promote positive social change. His first novel, Behind the Footlights, a tribute to community theater, was named one of LEO magazine's "Must Read Books by Kentucky Authors" in 2015. His latest book, Where the River Birches Beckon, is a gothic romance about the Underground Railroad in Louisville during the buildup to the Civil War.

He now lives in semi-retirement with his husband, Ernie Schnell, an oncology nurse, on their small horse farm in southern Indiana. Chasing grandchildren, gardening, and writing are his chief occupations nowadays.

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