Sneakin' Deacon: From Secret Service to Sacred Service

Sneakin' Deacon: From Secret Service to Sacred Service
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Writer's Digest 2020 Book Awards Winner! Honorable Mention in the Life Stories category
By Greg Gitschier,
with Bryant A. Stamford
6 x 9 inches
312 pages
Includes 16-page full-color photo insert
ISBN 978-1-941953-68-6
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Pub date: December 2018

Cop, Secret Service agent, private consultant, and bodyguard … Greg Gitschier has led an exciting life. He's protected presidents and royalty, tracked down international criminals, and cracked tough cases. An assignment to protect Pope John Paul II forever changed Greg's life, leading him down a path toward "sacred service." He now serves as a deacon in the Catholic Church, a police chaplain, and Secret Service chaplain. Sneakin' Deacon shares the raw, the routine, the gritty, and the grand moments of a life in both Secret Service and sacred service.

In Greg Gitschier's 11 years as a cop, he worked undercover, caught bad guys, and joined car chases and shootouts. But the excitement ratcheted up when Gitschier launched his 20-year career with the Secret Service. He broke up international counterfeiting rings, arrested a notorious diamond thief, survived heart-pounding moments in the Middle East and Africa, and protected presidents, royalty, and celebrities.

Gitschier's assignment to protect Pope John Paul II during the pontiff's 1999 visit to the United States forever changed his life. Gitschier stepped up his involvement in his church and eventually became a Catholic deacon, a police chaplain, and a chaplain for the US Secret Service. He continues to work as a private security consultant and bodyguard for high-profile clients.

Sneakin' Deacon shares the raw, the routine, the gritty, and the grand moments of a life in both Secret Service and sacred service.

About the Authors

Greg Gitschier, a Louisville native, has been a police officer, US Secret Service agent, and senior special agent, and is now a bodyguard and security consultant (Greg Gitschier Consulting LLC). Gitschier was a police officer in Louisville for 11 years and a Secret Service agent for more than 21 years. In the Secret Service, he worked as a bodyguard, criminal investigator, firearms instructor, fitness coordinator, and police task force supervisor. He was assigned full-time to protect President Ronald Reagan's family and has protected other heads of state and dignitaries, including the Queen of England, the Emperor of Japan, and Pope John Paul II.

Gitschier is now a security consultant for numerous Kentucky and Indiana businesses, schools, and churches, and he was the senior member of the Louisville HIRT (Haz-mat/SWAT team). He has worked with the largest grocery store chain in America and similar organizations to prepare for active shooter situations, was security chairman for six major PGA events at Valhalla Golf Club, was security advisor for the Ryder Cup, and helped prepare and lead security for the 2015 Breeders Cup. He attended three Olympic Games as a security planner and escort to GE and NBC senior executives, and also provided security to the 2016 National Republican Convention in Cleveland.

For five years, Gitschier was a bodyguard for Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and, when needed, he acts as a bodyguard for celebrities. Gitschier lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, daughter, and two sons.

Bryant A. Stamford, PhD, is a professor at Hanover College and for 42 years authored a newspaper column on health, nutrition, and fitness issues for the Louisville Courier-Journal. He has served as editorial advisor for several magazines and has authored or coauthored six books.


"For almost 11 years, I have served as Deacon Greg's archbishop. Whether on the altar, serving persons with disabilities, at a ball game, or on the golf course, I have found my friend Deacon Greg to be a model of genuine faith, love, and service – to his family, Church, and all whom he meets. I am proud to call him 'friend.'"

— Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, DD, Archbishop of Louisville

"Greg is one of the finest men I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is a man of conviction with a deep sense of duty. His faith in God and commitment to family, friends, and strangers is a lesson to us all."

— Mark J. Sullivan, Former Director, US Secret Service

"Greg's security knowledge and presence are unmatched. Reliable, professional, and insightful best describe Greg's contributions to our championships."

— Ben Rubin, Director of Championship Operations, PGA of America

"In the five years that Gitsch worked for me, I saw all sides of him, from the all-business law enforcer to compassionate church deacon. In every role, he was a protector, trusted confidant and, by the way, a great storyteller."

— Honorable Greg E. Fischer, Mayor, City of Louisville, Kentucky

"I have known Greg and his father for several decades. Greg has been in law enforcement for over 30 years and, like his dad, has a great reputation in our community."

— Honorable John A. Yarmuth, Member of Congress, Kentucky 3rd District

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