Unpacking for the Journey

Unpacking for the Journey
Item# BB233

Book Summary

By Father Jerry Eifler
6 x 9
168 pages
ISBN 978-1-884532-70-2
Published 2005

In this gentle and contemplative volume, Father Jerry Eifler continues his exploration of spiritual issues with a new compilation of essays and homilies about the journey from birth to death — and what we should leave behind as we go.


"Unpacking for the Journey cries out to readers to release habits of controlling others, living for tomorrow, judging, living by stereotypes, and perfectionism. Other homilies nudge us to liberate our hearts of fear, anger, false beliefs, blaming, and self-criticism. Each story builds on scripture to speak to the human predicament. It all seems so personal and wise. Eifler calls upon his vast experience and personal pastoral moments to provide on-target and fascinating illustrations. His direct, down-to-earth talks erupt with new insights into the journey of real faith, hope, and love.
   "Come to this book expecting to grow by letting go of the unnecessary and painful burdens of the journey. This is soul food for those who have tired of the 'Chicken Soup' diet. Eifler invites us into a new level of profound simplicity." —G. Wade Rowatt, Ph.D., Director of the St. Matthew Pastoral Counseling Center and Professor at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky

About the Author

Jerry Eifler, M.A., M.Ed., was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1961. He has served as an associate parish priest, teacher, counselor, therapist, director of development and assistant to a college president. He has been a parish pastor for 26 years, during which time he has served on a number of civic and professional boards and committees. Currently he is the pastor of St. Frances of Rome Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He enjoys art, architecture, travel, music, theater, history, archeology, and as much of the human experience as possible. This is the second book of homilies he has authored.

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