Bourbon in Kentucky: A History of Distilleries in Kentucky

Bourbon in Kentucky: A History of Distilleries in Kentucky
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Book Summary

Now in its fifth edition, newly revised for 2023
By Chester Zoeller
8.5 x 11 inches
328 pages
Fully illustrated
Fifth edition
Published December 2023
ISBN 978-1-884532-97-9

Bourbon is Kentucky’s claim to distilled spirits fame, with brands like Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey and Jim Beam known around the world. But did you know that in Kentucky’s past there were many more bourbon distilleries in existence than there are today? Across the state there were perhaps one thousand bourbon brands, distilled and barreled by small to medium-sized distilleries whose operations have ceased and whose names have long been forgotten.

Bourbon aficionado Chet Zoeller, determined to preserve this important chapter of Kentucky history, conducted multi-year research to catalog and describe every distillery that ever existed in the Commonwealth. Now he has compiled his findings into this important volume, believed to be the first and only authoritative history of bourbon distilleries in Kentucky. Hundreds of rare photographs accompany Zoeller’s thorough text, bound in quality hardcover with full-color dust jacket.

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