Kentucky Bourbon

Kentucky Bourbon Barons: Legendary Distillers from the Golden Age of Whiskey Making
Dedicated to preserving the history of the Bluegrass State's most beloved spirit, author Chester Zoeller introduces readers to some of the outstanding gentlemen who became involved in whiskey distilling at the turn of the 20th century in and around Kentucky. He also takes us back to the last years of the 1800s, when hundreds of distilleries produced a wide spectrum of whiskies — Bourbons, both sweet and sour mash, rye, and multi-grain whiskies — and the medicinal benefits of these delightful drinks were as endorsed as their taste.
"Spiritus Frumenti" Poster by Chet Zoeller
Over the years, author and bourbon aficionado Chet Zoeller has collected more than 120 bottles of Prohibition whiskey, made either before or during Prohibition and bottled during that same time. Zoeller has hand-picked 25 bottles of those brands to showcase on his new poster, which offers a look back into Kentucky's bourbon history to see brands that are only a memory.
Bourbon in Kentucky: A History of Distilleries in Kentucky
A true labor of love, bourbon aficionado Chet Zoeller conducted years of research to uncover the complete history of bourbon distilling and distilleries throughout Kentucky. Bourbon in Kentucky is the comprehensive publication of his findings, cataloging almost 1,000 distillers and brands across the Commonwealth—from farmhouse mashers to the major industrial concerns, and from the late 1700s to the present day. With hundreds of rare and historical photographs, this is believed to be the first and only authoritative history of its kind.
Maker's Mark: My Autobiography
From proud but humble beginnings in Happy Hollow, Kentucky, bourbon producer Maker's Mark has grown to cult status around the world. In My Autobiography, the company's flamboyant president, Bill Samuels, Jr., gives us the official, fascinating and colorful life story of his family's premier bourbon brand.
A Wine Lover's Odyssey Across Kentucky
As the first book devoted to Kentucky wine and its wineries, this full-color volume takes readers on a tour of Kentucky to visit thirty-four of the state's wineries, to explore the history of wine in Kentucky, and to discover the grape varieties that make their favorite wines so enjoyable. It's "a five-star guide to Kentucky wines for everyone from the amateur socialite to the most avid wine enthusiast."
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