Lake House Cabal

Lake House Cabal
Item# BB409

Book Summary

By GT Hawkins
6 x 9 inches
312 pages
ISBN 978-1-953058-29-4
Published July 2021
Fiction / Political
Fiction / Espionage
Fiction / International Crime & Mystery
Fiction / Action & Adventure

Book 1 of the Lake House Cabal trilogy

Retired Marine Chip Rogers is finally enjoying a relaxing life on the Gulf of Mexico, taking charter clients fishing aboard his prized boat, Ali Regina. When beautiful Marci Tanner walks back into his life, things couldn't be more perfect.

Then their world explodes.

The couple is soon being pursued by members of the Group, an international crime ring bent on power and profit at any cost. From Hong Kong to Washington, DC, from the Florida Keys to the Group's secret lake house in Indiana, wheels are turning to influence the American presidential election by sabotaging a desperately needed pandemic vaccine.

Only Chip and Marci, now on the run, can stop the villainous Lake House Cabal and save many thousands of lives... including their own.

About the Author

GT Hawkins resides with his wife Alice in Prospect, Kentucky. He has an undergraduate degree from Indiana University and a law degree from the University of Louisville. His career was primarily in management, first with McDonnell Douglas, during which he traveled the world for over a decade, then with General Electric.

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